Mandatory Free Summer Workshops for second year and fourth year recipients are an integral part of the Hagan Scholarship and are intended to help recipients obtain a practical understanding of important life skills not typically covered as a part of the school curriculum.

Workshops are held in July in Columbia, Missouri; travel and lodging costs are paid by HSF.

Second Year Workshop: Recipient Statistics, Overview of Investing for Financial Security, De-mystifying the Investment Process, Schwab Brokerage Account, Selecting and Researching Common Stock, Writing the Research Report, Planning for Retirement, Work/Life Balance, Rule of 72, Career Planning: Resume, Interviews, Internships. Study and Travel Abroad.

Fourth Year Workshop: Recipient Statistics, Performance of Stock Selections, Getting Off to a Great Start after College, Portfolio Analysis, Analysis of Investment Reports & Stock Performances, Selecting a Stock to Sell, Selecting a Replacement Stock, Characteristics of a good company to work for, Choosing and getting accepted into graduate school, Preparing for future employment, Owning vs. Renting, Q & A.