Workshops have been suspended due to the Pandemic.

The mandatory Free Summer Workshops for second year and fourth year recipients are an integral part of the Hagan Scholarship and are intended to help recipients obtain a practical understanding of important life skills not typically taught as a part of the school curriculum.

Workshops are held in July in Columbia, Missouri, travel and lodging costs are paid by HSF.

Second Year Workshop: Recipient Statistics, Overview of Investing for Financial Security, De-mystifying the Investment Process, Schwab Brokerage Account, Selecting and Researching Common Stock, Writing the Research Report, Planning for Retirement, Work/Life Balance, Rule of 72, Career Planning: Resume, Interviews, Internships. Study and Travel Abroad.

Fourth Year Workshop: Recipient Statistics, Performance of Stock Selections, Getting Off to a Great Start after College, Portfolio Analysis, Analysis of Investment Reports & Stock Performances, Selecting a Stock to Sell, Selecting a Replacement Stock, Characteristics of a good company to work for, Choosing and getting accepted into graduate school, Preparing for future employment, Owning vs. Renting, Q & A.