Eligible Colleges and Universities

An eligible college or university is any not-for-profit four year college or university accredited by one of six regional accreditors in the United States.  

StateInstitution NameTotal In-State Cost of AttendanceAverage Grant Aid AmountACT Composite 25th %ACT Composite 75th %Fast Facts
AKAlaska Bible College$17,300 $3,556 PDF
AKAlaska Pacific University$31,010 $11,874 1726PDF
AKUniversity of Alaska Anchorage$24,034 $6,188 PDF
AKUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks$18,104 $6,955 1826PDF
AKUniversity of Alaska Southeast$17,978 $5,337 PDF
ALAlabama A & M University$22,896 $8,245 1619PDF
ALAlabama State University$19,137 $8,506 1619PDF
ALAmridge University$7,520 PDF
ALAuburn University$29,794 $8,343 2430PDF
ALAuburn University at Montgomery$18,870 $4,969 1923PDF
ALBirmingham Southern College$48,510 $23,694 2329PDF
ALConcordia College Alabama$27,520 $5,544 PDF
ALFaulkner University$32,410 $10,420 1824PDF
ALHeritage Christian University$17,632 $8,336 1417PDF
ALHuntingdon College$35,935 $13,241 1923PDF
ALHuntsville Bible College$2,865 PDF
ALJacksonville State University$21,132 $8,138 2026PDF
ALJudson College$30,704 $15,841 1925PDF
ALMiles College$22,614 $6,512 PDF
ALOakwood University$35,750 $8,550 1722PDF
ALSamford University$43,666 $13,692 2329PDF
ALSelma University$18,605 $3,389 PDF
ALSoutheastern Bible College$20,923 $6,128 1825PDF
ALSpring Hill College$51,068 $25,509 2227PDF
ALStillman College$22,094 $9,478 1421PDF
ALTalladega College$22,314 $9,584 PDF
ALThe University of Alabama$28,422 $14,237 2231PDF
ALTroy University$18,933 $8,690 1926PDF
ALTuskegee University$36,457 $5,857 1823PDF
ALUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham$24,661 $8,462 2228PDF
ALUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville$24,480 $10,164 2430PDF
ALUniversity of Mobile$35,978 $12,102 1925PDF
ALUniversity of Montevallo$25,892 $8,363 2026PDF
ALUniversity of North Alabama$18,090 $5,703 1925PDF
ALUniversity of South Alabama$20,252 $6,738 2025PDF
ALUniversity of West Alabama$19,158 $4,985 1821PDF
ARArkansas Baptist College$22,560 $5,937 PDF
ARArkansas State University-Main Campus$22,103 $8,725 2126PDF
ARArkansas Tech University$17,696 $7,295 PDF
ARCentral Baptist College$25,504 $7,833 1823PDF
ARCrowley's Ridge College$20,960 $6,590 PDF
AREcclesia College$28,430 $10,918 1722PDF
ARHarding University$28,533 $9,691 2228PDF
ARHenderson State University$20,432 $8,814 1824PDF
ARHendrix College$56,214 $29,208 2532PDF
ARJohn Brown University$36,782 $15,763 2430PDF
ARLyon College$36,390 $17,343 2227PDF
AROuachita Baptist University$34,900 $14,577 2128PDF
ARPhilander Smith College$25,240 $10,507 PDF
ARSouthern Arkansas University Main Campus$21,211 $8,294 1824PDF
ARUniversity of Arkansas$23,506 $6,685 2328PDF
ARUniversity of Arkansas at Little Rock$22,593 $9,357 1824PDF
ARUniversity of Arkansas at Monticello$17,392 $6,692 PDF
ARUniversity of Arkansas at Pine Bluff$17,650 $9,921 1620PDF
ARUniversity of Arkansas-Fort Smith$17,236 $6,474 PDF
ARUniversity of Central Arkansas$20,542 $7,307 2026PDF
ARUniversity of the Ozarks$36,925 $20,505 2025PDF
ARWilliams Baptist College$27,610 $9,755 1924PDF
AZAmerican Indian College Inc$23,042 $5,306 PDF
AZArizona Christian University$37,700 $7,380 1923PDF
AZArizona State University-Downtown Phoenix$27,643 $10,987 2126PDF
AZArizona State University-Polytechnic$25,929 $9,346 2127PDF
AZArizona State University-Skysong$24,109 $7,246 PDF
AZArizona State University-Tempe$25,704 $11,002 2328PDF
AZArizona State University-West$24,643 $9,886 2127PDF
AZCollegeAmerica-Flagstaff$6,080 PDF
AZCollegeAmerica-Phoenix$6,437 PDF
AZDine College$12,015 $2,664 PDF
AZEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott$48,992 $14,155 PDF
AZInternational Baptist College and Seminary$24,445 $7,966 PDF
AZNorthern Arizona University$25,340 $9,619 PDF
AZPrescott College$39,991 $14,365 1927PDF
AZTrine University-Arizona Regional Campus$5,513 PDF
AZUniversity of Arizona$25,743 $9,128 PDF
CAAmerican Conservatory TheaterPDF
CAAmerican Jewish University$51,192 $12,502 PDF
CAArt Center College of Design$16,386 PDF
CAAzusa Pacific University$48,913 $18,181 2127PDF
CAAzusa Pacific University College$4,816 PDF
CABethesda University$4,830 PDF
CABiola University$49,708 $14,864 2128PDF
CABrandman University$10,300 PDF
CACalifornia Baptist University$43,384 $15,492 1724PDF
CACalifornia Christian College$18,669 PDF
CACalifornia College of the Arts$60,558 $20,124 PDF
CACalifornia College San Diego$5,541 PDF
CACalifornia College San Diego$5,033 PDF
CACalifornia Institute of Technology$63,471 $37,777 3435PDF
CACalifornia Institute of the Arts$65,686 $14,967 PDF
CACalifornia Jazz Conservatory$5,233 PDF
CACalifornia Lutheran University$56,211 $22,199 2227PDF
CACalifornia Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo$25,414 $5,621 2631PDF
CACalifornia State Polytechnic University-Pomona$26,196 $7,843 2027PDF
CACalifornia State University-Bakersfield$24,004 $9,616 PDF
CACalifornia State University-Channel Islands$26,037 $8,470 PDF
CACalifornia State University-Chico$23,496 $8,216 1924PDF
CACalifornia State University-Dominguez Hills$23,015 $9,509 PDF
CACalifornia State University-East Bay$23,487 $9,281 PDF
CACalifornia State University-Fresno$19,493 $9,568 1621PDF
CACalifornia State University-Fullerton$25,643 $8,161 1924PDF
CACalifornia State University-Long Beach$22,964 $7,964 2026PDF
CACalifornia State University-Los Angeles$23,821 $10,366 1520PDF
CACalifornia State University-Monterey Bay$20,219 $8,355 PDF
CACalifornia State University-Northridge$21,163 $9,534 1622PDF
CACalifornia State University-Sacramento$24,352 $8,768 1723PDF
CACalifornia State University-San Bernardino$20,104 $9,000 1620PDF
CACalifornia State University-San Marcos$24,527 $8,197 1823PDF
CACalifornia State University-Stanislaus$20,364 $8,990 PDF
CACalifornia University of Management and Sciences$3,980 PDF
CAChapman University$64,650 $24,600 2530PDF
CAClaremont McKenna College$66,325 $34,321 2933PDF
CAColeman University$4,061 PDF
CAColumbia College-Hollywood$37,742 $6,419 PDF
CAConcordia University-Irvine$46,230 $17,563 2025PDF
CADell'Arte International School of Physical TheatrePDF
CADominican University of California$60,902 $23,855 2125PDF
CAEpic Bible College$2,955 PDF
CAFresno Pacific University$39,730 $19,983 1924PDF
CAGolden Gate University-San FranciscoPDF
CAGrace Mission University$3,274 PDF
CAHarvey Mudd College$69,355 $32,098 3235PDF
CAHoly Names University$52,809 $25,411 1521PDF
CAHope International University$42,628 $17,088 1622PDF
CAHorizon UniversityPDF
CAHumboldt State University$23,367 $9,212 1824PDF
CAHumphreys College-Stockton and Modesto Campuses$9,656 PDF
CAJohn Paul the Great Catholic University$41,897 $8,914 2228PDF
CALa Sierra University$43,212 $17,897 1622PDF
CALaguna College of Art and Design$45,812 $7,766 PDF
CALife Pacific College$25,607 $7,959 1620PDF
CALincoln UniversityPDF
CALoyola Marymount University$60,648 $18,407 2530PDF
CAMarymount California University$53,194 $21,117 PDF
CAMenlo College$56,403 $23,246 1925PDF
CAMills College$60,992 $31,655 2430PDF
CAMount Saint Mary's University$54,143 $22,027 1621PDF
CANational University$4,524 PDF
CANotre Dame de Namur University$51,620 $21,439 1621PDF
CAOccidental College$67,046 $33,159 2831PDF
CAOtis College of Art and Design$58,314 $16,625 1925PDF
CAPacific States University$32,205 PDF
CAPacific Union College$41,700 $16,648 1823PDF
CAPepperdine University$66,152 $29,761 2530PDF
CAPitzer College$65,880 $37,462 PDF
CAPoint Loma Nazarene University$47,140 $15,065 2328PDF
CAPomona College$64,870 $44,209 3034PDF
CAProvidence Christian College$42,026 $20,253 PDF
CASaint Mary's College of California$61,227 $26,128 2227PDF
CASan Diego Christian College$44,112 $14,438 1723PDF
CASan Diego State University$27,451 $6,927 2228PDF
CASan Francisco Art Institute$64,699 $17,351 PDF
CASan Francisco Conservatory of Music$59,510 $22,706 PDF
CASan Francisco State University$24,648 $8,299 1824PDF
CASan Jose State University$26,227 $8,011 2026PDF
CASanta Clara University$63,666 $24,056 2732PDF
CAScripps College$66,060 $28,529 2932PDF
CAShasta Bible College and Graduate School$25,900 $6,350 PDF
CAShepherd University$6,601 PDF
CASimpson University$37,610 $16,367 1824PDF
CASoka University of America$46,504 $32,255 2430PDF
CASonoma State University$24,680 $7,017 1924PDF
CASouthern California Institute of Architecture$16,927 2429PDF
CASouthern California Seminary$29,923 $6,130 PDF
CASouthern California University of Health Sciences$5,523 PDF
CAStanford University$64,477 $43,118 3135PDF
CASUM Bible College and Theological Seminary$22,786 $5,030 PDF
CAThe California Maritime Academy$22,198 $6,886 PDF
CAThe Master's College and Seminary$45,066 $18,725 2127PDF
CAThomas Aquinas College$35,724 $15,846 2831PDF
CATouro University Worldwide$5,843 PDF
CAUniversity of California-Berkeley$35,255 $18,018 3034PDF
CAUniversity of California-Davis$34,377 $17,111 2531PDF
CAUniversity of California-Irvine$32,102 $17,238 2429PDF
CAUniversity of California-Los Angeles$33,391 $18,769 2833PDF
CAUniversity of California-Merced$34,774 $20,669 2025PDF
CAUniversity of California-Riverside$33,485 $18,411 2328PDF
CAUniversity of California-San Diego$31,466 $16,937 2833PDF
CAUniversity of California-Santa Barbara$35,203 $19,104 2631PDF
CAUniversity of California-Santa Cruz$34,764 $16,599 2530PDF
CAUniversity of La Verne$56,111 $24,377 2024PDF
CAUniversity of Redlands$63,003 $28,026 2228PDF
CAUniversity of San Diego$61,569 $23,430 2630PDF
CAUniversity of San Francisco$61,684 $23,997 2428PDF
CAUniversity of Southern California$67,212 $33,178 3033PDF
CAUniversity of the Pacific$60,733 $22,622 2229PDF
CAUniversity of the West$23,412 $8,567 PDF
CAVanguard University of Southern California$44,072 $19,651 1824PDF
CAWestmont College$57,400 $22,375 2329PDF
CAWhittier College$57,783 $27,045 2026PDF
CAWilliam Jessup University$41,699 $17,501 1825PDF
CAWoodbury University$52,116 $18,983 1621PDF
CAWorld Mission University$2,729 PDF
CAYeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad West Coast Talmudical Seminary$25,800 $14,688 PDF
COAdams State University$21,726 $7,549 1723PDF
COCollegeAmerica-Colorado Springs$4,841 PDF
COCollegeAmerica-Denver$4,604 PDF
COCollegeAmerica-Fort Collins$5,033 PDF
COColorado Christian University$41,463 $14,788 PDF
COColorado College$63,600 $39,473 PDF
COColorado Heights University$15,926 PDF
COColorado Mesa University$21,480 $5,379 1723PDF
COColorado Mountain College$14,918 $4,634 PDF
COColorado School of Mines$31,726 $9,741 2832PDF
COColorado State University-Fort Collins$23,852 $7,240 2228PDF
COColorado State University-Pueblo$22,832 $6,431 1823PDF
COFort Lewis College$24,984 $10,080 1924PDF
COJohnson & Wales University-Denver$44,585 $15,735 PDF
COMetropolitan State University of Denver$5,496 1823PDF
CONaropa University$46,971 $14,349 PDF
CONazarene Bible College$4,487 PDF
CORegis University$48,078 $19,457 2127PDF
COUnited States Air Force Academy2932PDF
COUniversity of Colorado Boulder$31,393 $9,408 2430PDF
COUniversity of Colorado Colorado Springs$23,992 $4,779 2126PDF
COUniversity of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus$6,030 2025PDF
COUniversity of Denver$60,206 $25,047 2630PDF
COUniversity of Northern Colorado$22,532 $8,123 1925PDF
COWestern State Colorado University$21,713 $5,861 1723PDF
CTAlbertus Magnus College$50,072 $18,577 PDF
CTCentral Connecticut State University$24,446 $7,102 2024PDF
CTConnecticut College$64,965 $35,478 PDF
CTEastern Connecticut State University$25,375 $6,591 PDF
CTFairfield University$61,275 $22,483 PDF
CTGoodwin College$14,251 PDF
CTHoly Apostles College and SeminaryPDF
CTMitchell College$47,900 $17,912 PDF
CTQuinnipiac University$59,290 $21,226 2227PDF
CTSacred Heart University$55,080 $15,043 PDF
CTSouthern Connecticut State University$24,210 $6,171 1822PDF
CTSt Vincent's College$6,994 PDF
CTTrinity College$66,420 $40,276 PDF
CTUnited States Coast Guard Academy$2,393 2631PDF
CTUniversity of Bridgeport$52,393 $24,006 1823PDF
CTUniversity of Connecticut$29,302 $11,470 2631PDF
CTUniversity of Connecticut-Avery Point$7,800 2125PDF
CTUniversity of Connecticut-Stamford$7,654 1927PDF
CTUniversity of Connecticut-Tri-Campus$8,750 1722PDF
CTUniversity of Hartford$50,460 $19,971 2025PDF
CTUniversity of New Haven$53,030 $20,209 2126PDF
CTUniversity of Saint Joseph$53,600 $22,474 1622PDF
CTWesleyan University$65,443 $41,906 PDF
CTWestern Connecticut State University$24,792 $5,952 PDF
CTYale University$66,445 $45,806 3135PDF
DCAmerican University$60,586 $24,156 2630PDF
DCCatholic University of America$58,394 $19,642 PDF
DCGallaudet University$35,288 $19,102 1621PDF
DCGeorge Washington University$65,260 $25,770 2731PDF
DCGeorgetown University$66,971 $37,791 3034PDF
DCHoward University$43,116 $22,687 2127PDF
DCTrinity Washington University$36,040 $15,900 PDF
DCUniversity of the District of Columbia$7,219 PDF
DEDelaware State University$22,057 $8,403 1721PDF
DEGoldey-Beacom College$38,134 $19,491 PDF
DEUniversity of Delaware$26,650 $9,347 2429PDF
DEWesley College$40,190 $14,932 1419PDF
DEWidener University-Delaware Law School$6,080 PDF
DEWilmington University$2,992 PDF
FLAdventist University of Health Sciences$25,944 $5,288 1821PDF
FLAve Maria University$32,392 $12,398 2127PDF
FLBarry University$45,640 $19,889 1721PDF
FLBeacon College$51,790 $9,573 PDF
FLBethune-Cookman University$27,070 $10,464 PDF
FLBroward College$4,982 PDF
FLCarlos Albizu University-Miami$7,838 PDF
FLChipola College$11,415 $5,125 PDF
FLCity College-Fort Lauderdale$5,481 PDF
FLCity College-Gainesville$5,957 PDF
FLCity College-Miami$5,610 PDF
FLCollege of Central Florida$4,660 PDF
FLDaytona State College$4,443 PDF
FLEastern Florida State College$5,053 PDF
FLEckerd College$55,230 $21,540 2328PDF
FLEdward Waters College$24,083 $12,012 1418PDF
FLEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach$49,338 $15,869 PDF
FLEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide$3,570 PDF
FLEverest University-Brandon$6,053 PDF
FLEverest University-Jacksonville$5,765 PDF
FLEverest University-Lakeland$6,259 PDF
FLEverest University-Largo$6,063 PDF
FLEverest University-Melbourne$6,277 PDF
FLEverest University-North Orlando$6,381 PDF
FLEverest University-Orange Park$5,972 PDF
FLEverest University-Pompano Beach$5,702 PDF
FLEverest University-South Orlando$5,973 PDF
FLEverest University-Tampa$5,761 PDF
FLEverglades University$5,421 PDF
FLFlagler College-St Augustine$31,060 $7,428 2126PDF
FLFlorida Agricultural and Mechanical University$20,389 $9,107 1823PDF
FLFlorida Atlantic University$22,255 $6,678 2025PDF
FLFlorida College$28,664 $6,966 1925PDF
FLFlorida Gateway College$4,413 PDF
FLFlorida Gulf Coast University$20,142 $4,091 2226PDF
FLFlorida Institute of Technology$56,990 $22,059 2429PDF
FLFlorida International University$23,240 $7,879 2226PDF
FLFlorida Memorial University$27,402 $9,841 PDF
FLFlorida Southern College$44,572 $18,221 2429PDF
FLFlorida SouthWestern State College$18,119 $6,387 PDF
FLFlorida State College at Jacksonville$5,250 PDF
FLFlorida State University$22,071 $4,694 2529PDF
FLGulf Coast State College$4,110 PDF
FLHobe Sound Bible College$15,260 $7,706 PDF
FLHodges University$6,295 PDF
FLIndian River State College$4,925 PDF
FLJacksonville University$49,150 $21,001 PDF
FLJohnson & Wales University-North Miami$45,524 $17,546 PDF
FLJohnson University Florida$22,319 $5,901 1722PDF
FLJones College-Jacksonville$8,633 PDF
FLKeiser University-Ft Lauderdale$4,547 PDF
FLLake-Sumter State College$4,496 PDF
FLLynn University$52,212 $13,281 1924PDF
FLMiami Dade College$5,214 PDF
FLNew College of Florida$20,318 $9,976 2731PDF
FLNorthwest Florida State College$5,505 PDF
FLNova Southeastern University$45,394 $18,248 2229PDF
FLPalm Beach Atlantic University$41,587 $17,372 2026PDF
FLPalm Beach State College$5,260 PDF
FLPasco-Hernando State College$4,795 PDF
FLPensacola State College$5,135 PDF
FLPolk State College$4,329 PDF
FLPolytechnic University of Puerto Rico-Miami$5,213 PDF
FLPolytechnic University of Puerto Rico-Orlando$2,980 PDF
FLRemington College-Heathrow Campus$3,807 PDF
FLRemington College-Tampa Campus$5,214 PDF
FLRingling College of Art and Design$62,200 $14,493 PDF
FLRollins College$64,804 $27,137 PDF
FLSaint John Vianney College Seminary$37,300 $7,364 PDF
FLSaint Johns River State College$4,934 PDF
FLSaint Leo University$36,388 $13,350 PDF
FLSanta Fe College$4,629 PDF
FLSeminole State College of Florida$4,880 PDF
FLSouth Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary$2,170 PDF
FLSouth Florida State College$4,771 PDF
FLSoutheastern University$35,988 $12,717 1723PDF
FLSt Petersburg College$4,733 PDF
FLSt Thomas University$41,699 $16,111 1722PDF
FLState College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota$4,791 PDF
FLStetson University$57,734 $29,884 PDF
FLTalmudic College of Florida$26,650 $13,850 PDF
FLThe Baptist College of Florida$17,088 $6,556 1722PDF
FLThe University of Tampa$41,519 $11,465 2226PDF
FLThe University of West Florida$20,072 $7,465 2026PDF
FLTrinity Baptist College$21,110 $4,859 1520PDF
FLTrinity College of Florida$28,363 $7,583 1622PDF
FLTrinity International University-FloridaPDF
FLUniversity of Central Florida$22,222 $5,582 2428PDF
FLUniversity of Florida$20,661 $6,082 2731PDF
FLUniversity of Florida-Online$4,438 2428PDF
FLUniversity of Fort LauderdalePDF
FLUniversity of Miami$62,329 $26,256 2832PDF
FLUniversity of North Florida$21,102 $6,897 2227PDF
FLUniversity of South Florida-Main Campus$21,110 $7,845 2428PDF
FLUniversity of South Florida-Sarasota-Manatee$6,532 2226PDF
FLUniversity of South Florida-St Petersburg$20,521 $7,462 2226PDF
FLValencia College$5,165 PDF
FLWarner University$31,878 $14,564 1720PDF
FLWebber International University$39,476 $14,188 1620PDF
FLYeshivah Gedolah Rabbinical College$17,300 $6,082 PDF
GAAbraham Baldwin Agricultural College$14,853 $4,756 1722PDF
GAAgnes Scott College$50,386 $27,310 PDF
GAAlbany State University$19,488 $6,840 1719PDF
GAArmstrong State University$26,757 $5,955 1923PDF
GAAtlanta Metropolitan State College$5,514 PDF
GAAugusta University$25,210 $6,935 2026PDF
GABainbridge State College$5,300 PDF
GABerry College$46,384 $20,553 2429PDF
GABeulah Heights University$17,990 $3,754 PDF
GABrenau University$41,776 $17,979 1923PDF
GABrewton-Parker College$29,741 $10,195 PDF
GACarver Bible College$21,156 $7,287 PDF
GAClark Atlanta University$36,988 $8,972 1620PDF
GAClayton State University$18,988 $6,190 PDF
GACollege of Coastal Georgia$18,801 $4,873 1722PDF
GAColumbus State University$20,871 $6,208 1723PDF
GACovenant College$43,190 $16,327 2429PDF
GADalton State College$14,760 $5,338 PDF
GADarton State College$17,297 $4,862 PDF
GAEast Georgia State College$14,349 $5,290 PDF
GAEmmanuel College$28,770 $11,804 PDF
GAEmory University$63,058 $35,416 2933PDF
GAFort Valley State University$19,949 $6,870 1620PDF
GAGeorgia Christian University$4,879 PDF
GAGeorgia College and State University$26,900 $6,925 2327PDF
GAGeorgia Gwinnett College$23,488 $4,983 PDF
GAGeorgia Highlands College$3,895 PDF
GAGeorgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus$25,780 $10,417 3033PDF
GAGeorgia Southern University$22,927 $6,008 2125PDF
GAGeorgia Southwestern State University$20,096 $6,569 1824PDF
GAGeorgia State University$26,214 $9,318 2025PDF
GAGordon State College$20,394 $5,002 1520PDF
GAKennesaw State University$25,773 $5,870 2125PDF
GALaGrange College$42,780 $19,348 2024PDF
GALife University$35,160 $6,312 PDF
GALuther Rice University & Seminary$3,377 PDF
GAMercer University$49,393 $27,781 2430PDF
GAMiddle Georgia State University$15,613 $4,771 1519PDF
GAMorehouse College$47,952 $19,021 1823PDF
GAOglethorpe University$49,830 $25,699 2228PDF
GAPaine College$24,910 $6,322 1417PDF
GAPiedmont College$35,330 $16,191 1924PDF
GAPoint University$28,600 $14,270 1721PDF
GAReinhardt University$34,894 $11,736 1822PDF
GASavannah College of Art and Design$52,577 $13,414 2026PDF
GASavannah State University$16,872 $6,525 1619PDF
GAShorter University$33,606 $15,014 1824PDF
GAShorter University-College of Adult & Professional Programs$3,625 PDF
GASouth Georgia State College$16,517 $5,133 PDF
GASpelman College$45,051 $11,671 2023PDF
GAThomas University$28,520 $9,026 PDF
GAToccoa Falls College$33,982 $13,759 1826PDF
GATruett-McConnell College$30,720 $10,837 1822PDF
GAUniversity of Georgia$25,134 $9,629 2630PDF
GAUniversity of North Georgia$18,891 $5,089 1924PDF
GAUniversity of West Georgia$22,486 $6,256 1822PDF
GAValdosta State University$20,427 $6,212 1923PDF
GAWesleyan College$33,310 $15,849 PDF
GAYoung Harris College$41,020 $22,131 1823PDF
HIBrigham Young University-Hawaii$17,304 $3,707 2226PDF
HIChaminade University of Honolulu$37,893 $11,919 1922PDF
HIHawaii Pacific University$39,336 $11,317 PDF
HIPacific Rim Christian University$24,255 $3,656 PDF
HIRemington College-Honolulu Campus$5,599 PDF
HIUniversity of Hawaii at Hilo$21,264 $6,732 1622PDF
HIUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa$28,724 $7,722 2025PDF
HIUniversity of Hawaii Maui College$4,234 PDF
HIUniversity of Hawaii-West Oahu$4,898 PDF
IAAIB College of Business$23,988 $11,914 PDF
IAAllen College$30,789 PDF
IABriar Cliff University$40,684 $20,443 PDF
IABuena Vista University$43,591 $21,648 1924PDF
IACentral College$47,878 $24,481 2026PDF
IAClarke University$43,400 $17,306 2025PDF
IACoe College$51,260 $27,687 2227PDF
IACornell College$52,153 $24,377 2329PDF
IADivine Word College$19,121 $11,168 PDF
IADordt College$41,200 $14,773 2229PDF
IADrake University$48,092 $18,494 2430PDF
IAEmmaus Bible College$25,195 $11,452 2026PDF
IAFaith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary$27,778 $13,043 2025PDF
IAGraceland University-Lamoni$38,444 $20,189 1824PDF
IAGrand View University$36,082 $16,467 1823PDF
IAGrinnell College$61,498 $30,448 3033PDF
IAIowa State University$19,270 $7,381 2228PDF
IAIowa Wesleyan University$41,332 $16,314 1822PDF
IALoras College$40,217 $20,789 2126PDF
IALuther College$51,165 $24,650 2329PDF
IAMaharishi University of Management$38,930 $20,052 PDF
IAMercy College of Health Sciences$6,707 PDF
IAMorningside College$41,335 $18,427 2026PDF
IAMount Mercy University$41,516 $19,068 1923PDF
IANorthwestern College$42,100 $19,388 2228PDF
IAPalmer College of Chiropractic$31,623 $6,815 PDF
IASaint Ambrose University$42,446 $15,912 2025PDF
IASimpson College$46,684 $22,335 2127PDF
IASt Luke's College$4,255 PDF
IAUniversity of Dubuque$38,535 $15,961 1723PDF
IAUniversity of Iowa$21,010 $8,816 2328PDF
IAUniversity of Northern Iowa$20,037 $4,905 2025PDF
IAUpper Iowa University$40,562 $15,125 1722PDF
IAWartburg College$48,600 $23,795 2127PDF
IAWilliam Penn University$35,820 $15,442 PDF
IDBoise Bible College$26,415 $4,242 1828PDF
IDBoise State University$20,372 $8,341 2026PDF
IDBrigham Young University-Idaho$12,798 $3,049 2025PDF
IDIdaho State University$20,143 $5,920 PDF
IDLewis-Clark State College$18,650 $5,231 1823PDF
IDNorthwest Nazarene University$38,750 $16,898 2027PDF
IDStevens-Henager College$7,183 PDF
IDStevens-Henager College$6,406 PDF
IDThe College of Idaho$38,600 $16,852 PDF
IDUniversity of Idaho$20,294 $7,482 2026PDF
ILAmerican Academy of Art$8,532 PDF
ILAugustana College$50,698 $25,724 PDF
ILAurora University$35,004 $14,396 1923PDF
ILBenedictine University$40,280 $15,372 PDF
ILBlackburn College$29,048 $12,732 1924PDF
ILBradley University$44,620 $16,419 2328PDF
ILChicago State University$24,417 $9,121 1620PDF
ILChristian Life College$23,394 $11,253 PDF
ILColumbia College-Chicago$41,850 $10,826 PDF
ILConcordia University-Chicago$41,112 $19,514 2025PDF
ILDePaul University$52,402 $18,919 PDF
ILDominican University$42,590 $19,627 1924PDF
ILEastern Illinois University$23,100 $7,605 1924PDF
ILEast-West University$37,536 $4,079 PDF
ILElmhurst College$47,780 $20,710 2126PDF
ILEureka College$31,345 $12,984 1925PDF
ILGovernors State University$28,784 $7,428 1721PDF
ILGreenville College$36,200 $15,858 1925PDF
ILHebrew Theological College$37,930 $5,563 1925PDF
ILIllinois College$42,350 $22,946 PDF
ILIllinois Institute of Technology$60,424 $31,018 2530PDF
ILIllinois State University$27,421 $9,527 2126PDF
ILIllinois Wesleyan University$54,686 $21,149 2530PDF
ILJudson University$41,120 $19,207 2126PDF
ILKnox College$52,759 $28,045 PDF
ILLake Forest College$55,130 $28,005 PDF
ILLewis University$42,100 $16,988 2025PDF
ILLincoln Christian University$25,650 $7,101 1925PDF
ILLincoln College$30,314 $12,931 1519PDF
ILLoyola University Chicago$56,536 $19,095 2429PDF
ILMacMurray College$34,684 $13,797 1722PDF
ILMcKendree University$40,500 $19,558 1924PDF
ILMethodist College$35,940 $5,930 2024PDF
ILMillikin University$44,628 $19,632 2026PDF
ILMonmouth College$45,210 $28,384 2026PDF
ILMoody Bible Institute$25,774 $7,603 PDF
ILMorthland College$24,170 $2,301 1722PDF
ILNational Louis University$10,449 PDF
ILNorth Central College$48,339 $21,651 2227PDF
ILNorth Park University$37,940 $13,901 1924PDF
ILNortheastern Illinois University$7,668 1620PDF
ILNorthern Illinois University$29,065 $9,112 1925PDF
ILNorthwestern University$68,060 $34,882 3134PDF
ILOlivet Nazarene University$44,390 $22,234 2027PDF
ILQuincy University$40,398 $21,417 1924PDF
ILRobert Morris University Illinois$42,912 $13,832 PDF
ILRockford University$40,740 $16,543 1924PDF
ILRoosevelt University$45,432 $17,621 1925PDF
ILSaint Augustine College$8,213 PDF
ILSaint Xavier University$44,706 $21,545 1923PDF
ILSchool of the Art Institute of Chicago$61,010 $13,464 2228PDF
ILShimer College$14,785 PDF
ILSouthern Illinois University-Carbondale$27,174 $10,172 1925PDF
ILSouthern Illinois University-Edwardsville$22,995 $6,255 2026PDF
ILTelshe Yeshiva-Chicago$16,000 $10,219 PDF
ILTrinity Christian College$39,955 $15,654 2127PDF
ILTrinity College of Nursing & Health SciencesPDF
ILTrinity International University-Illinois$41,750 $18,991 1926PDF
ILUniversity of Chicago$70,100 $34,465 3235PDF
ILUniversity of Illinois at Chicago$29,574 $13,424 2126PDF
ILUniversity of Illinois at Springfield$24,913 $12,072 2026PDF
ILUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign$29,764 $12,793 2631PDF
ILUniversity of St Francis$42,834 $20,207 2125PDF
ILVanderCook College of Music$42,026 $12,331 2228PDF
ILWestern Illinois University$25,406 $9,035 1823PDF
ILWheaton College$45,260 $15,912 2732PDF
INAnderson University$41,060 $17,354 2125PDF
INBall State University$23,680 $10,754 2024PDF
INBethel College-Indiana$38,930 $17,641 1926PDF
INButler University$52,615 $15,747 2530PDF
INCalumet College of Saint Joseph$9,785 PDF
INCrossroads Bible College$6,286 PDF
INDePauw University$58,478 $26,597 2529PDF
INEarlham College$56,510 $31,212 PDF
INFranklin College$41,865 $17,924 1924PDF
INGoshen College$43,700 $21,590 2127PDF
INGrace College and Theological Seminary$32,910 $16,184 2127PDF
INHanover College$47,666 $24,519 2227PDF
INHoly Cross College$41,333 $14,167 1924PDF
INHuntington University$36,578 $16,584 1926PDF
INIndiana Institute of Technology$38,020 $12,535 1824PDF
INIndiana State University$21,026 $8,864 1622PDF
INIndiana University-Bloomington$24,539 $10,797 2430PDF
INIndiana University-East$7,803 1823PDF
INIndiana University-Kokomo$7,566 1823PDF
INIndiana University-Northwest$7,416 1723PDF
INIndiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne$21,750 $7,978 1925PDF
INIndiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis$22,296 $9,917 1925PDF
INIndiana University-South Bend$19,292 $7,191 1823PDF
INIndiana University-Southeast$19,893 $6,428 1823PDF
INIndiana Wesleyan University-Marion$36,174 $9,948 2127PDF
INManchester University$42,237 $21,926 1926PDF
INMarian University$44,884 $21,960 2026PDF
INMartin University$10,975 PDF
INMid-America College of Funeral Service$5,460 PDF
INOakland City University$36,611 $10,375 1722PDF
INPurdue University-Calumet Campus$21,474 $6,869 PDF
INPurdue University-Main Campus$23,032 $10,345 2531PDF
INPurdue University-North Central Campus$7,199 1822PDF
INRose-Hulman Institute of Technology$60,801 $18,542 2832PDF
INSaint Josephs College$39,910 $21,553 1924PDF
INSaint Mary-of-the-Woods College$44,072 $23,554 1923PDF
INSaint Mary's College$51,120 $21,600 2228PDF
INTaylor University$41,967 $14,226 2430PDF
INTrine University$47,450 $20,592 2127PDF
INTrine University-Regional/Non-Traditional Campuses$5,189 PDF
INUniversity of Evansville$47,500 $22,606 2329PDF
INUniversity of Indianapolis$40,658 $15,651 2025PDF
INUniversity of Notre Dame$64,775 $35,739 3234PDF
INUniversity of Saint Francis-Fort Wayne$39,350 $17,262 1824PDF
INUniversity of Southern Indiana$18,751 $6,363 1924PDF
INValparaiso University$49,500 $23,962 2329PDF
INVincennes University$18,241 $6,348 PDF
INWabash College$51,840 $26,079 2228PDF
KSBaker University$41,340 $19,876 2025PDF
KSBarclay College$26,990 $10,559 PDF
KSBenedictine College$40,900 $14,253 2128PDF
KSBethany College$39,720 $16,710 1823PDF
KSBethel College-North Newton$37,810 $16,367 PDF
KSCentral Baptist Theological Seminary$2,549 PDF
KSCentral Christian College of Kansas$26,571 $12,142 PDF
KSCleveland University-Kansas City$4,380 1721PDF
KSDonnelly College$18,290 $5,559 PDF
KSEmporia State University$18,112 $4,485 1925PDF
KSFort Hays State University$17,122 $4,116 PDF
KSFriends University$39,060 $14,140 1924PDF
KSHaskell Indian Nations University$8,580 $5,265 1619PDF
KSHesston College$37,478 $16,093 PDF
KSKansas Christian College$15,150 $1,940 PDF
KSKansas State University$22,496 $5,697 PDF
KSKansas Wesleyan University$39,860 $16,788 2024PDF
KSManhattan Christian College$26,724 $14,427 1925PDF
KSMcPherson College$38,403 $16,666 1524PDF
KSMidAmerica Nazarene University$37,869 $16,267 1925PDF
KSNewman University$37,380 $18,669 2028PDF
KSOttawa University-Ottawa$39,744 $18,040 PDF
KSPittsburg State University$18,568 $4,172 PDF
KSSouthwestern College$39,210 $14,209 1924PDF
KSSterling College$33,410 $14,352 1924PDF
KSTabor College$39,850 $16,136 1925PDF
KSUniversity of Kansas$24,117 $7,560 2228PDF
KSUniversity of Saint Mary$37,665 $17,501 1923PDF
KSWashburn University$18,418 $6,454 PDF
KSWichita State University$23,070 $4,143 2126PDF
KSWright Career College$4,336 PDF
KYAlice Lloyd College$23,850 $8,911 1924PDF
KYAsbury University$38,150 $14,058 2127PDF
KYBellarmine University$55,162 $25,565 2227PDF
KYBerea College$34,380 $31,055 2226PDF
KYBrescia University$31,690 $17,162 1924PDF
KYCampbellsville University$36,172 $17,133 1824PDF
KYCentre College$51,030 $24,010 2631PDF
KYClear Creek Baptist Bible College$15,855 $7,830 PDF
KYEastern Kentucky University$20,172 $6,812 1925PDF
KYGeorgetown College$46,600 $24,744 2025PDF
KYKentucky Christian University$31,654 $10,510 1923PDF
KYKentucky Mountain Bible College$13,190 $4,044 1824PDF
KYKentucky State University$18,626 $9,410 1722PDF
KYKentucky Wesleyan College$35,880 $15,250 2025PDF
KYLindsey Wilson College$38,305 $18,958 PDF
KYMidway University$37,850 $15,301 PDF
KYMorehead State University$20,186 $7,786 2025PDF
KYMurray State University$20,035 $9,308 2026PDF
KYNorthern Kentucky University$20,948 $7,286 2026PDF
KYSaint Catharine College$38,102 $12,584 1822PDF
KYSimmons College of Kentucky$15,608 $5,730 PDF
KYSpalding University$37,224 $14,268 1823PDF
KYThomas More College$39,693 $19,214 2024PDF
KYTransylvania University$47,030 $22,238 PDF
KYUnion College$36,500 $16,876 1823PDF
KYUniversity of Kentucky$26,700 $8,984 2228PDF
KYUniversity of Louisville$25,250 $8,795 2229PDF
KYUniversity of Pikeville$35,440 $16,069 1823PDF
KYUniversity of the Cumberlands$35,200 $17,047 1925PDF
KYWestern Kentucky University$19,721 $7,444 1926PDF
LACentenary College of Louisiana$49,550 $23,442 2128PDF
LADillard University$31,157 $11,104 1720PDF
LAGrambling State University$25,108 $7,317 1620PDF
LALouisiana College$24,810 $9,266 1823PDF
LALouisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College$25,750 $10,080 2328PDF
LALouisiana State University-Alexandria$18,176 $5,472 1822PDF
LALouisiana State University-Shreveport$8,492 2024PDF
LALouisiana Tech University$19,399 $10,476 2127PDF
LALoyola University New Orleans$53,748 $23,203 2228PDF
LAMcNeese State University$20,174 $7,137 2024PDF
LANicholls State University$21,068 $7,567 2024PDF
LANorthwestern State University of Louisiana$20,146 $9,811 1924PDF
LAOur Lady of the Lake College$6,970 2023PDF
LARemington College-Shreveport Campus$5,252 PDF
LASaint Joseph Seminary College$33,817 $5,654 PDF
LASoutheastern Louisiana University$20,082 $6,692 2024PDF
LASouthern University and A & M College$19,955 $6,961 1721PDF
LASouthern University at New Orleans$17,557 $5,462 1518PDF
LATulane University of Louisiana$65,082 $30,819 2932PDF
LAUniversity of Holy Cross$6,090 PDF
LAUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette$21,762 $7,512 2125PDF
LAUniversity of Louisiana at Monroe$19,546 $9,457 2025PDF
LAUniversity of New Orleans$22,073 $9,831 2024PDF
LAXavier University of Louisiana$34,372 $14,951 2026PDF
MAAmerican International College$47,840 $23,033 1723PDF
MAAmherst College$66,572 $47,145 3134PDF
MAAnna Maria College$53,186 $19,399 PDF
MAAssumption College$50,224 $20,473 PDF
MABabson College$64,612 $34,843 2730PDF
MABard College at Simon's Rock$65,869 $25,508 PDF
MABay Path University$47,209 $21,541 PDF
MABecker College$50,640 $19,076 1925PDF
MABenjamin Franklin Institute of Technology$34,665 $9,510 PDF
MABentley University$61,005 $25,657 2630PDF
MABerklee College of Music$60,272 $17,247 PDF
MABoston Architectural College$2,858 PDF
MABoston Baptist College$26,691 $5,748 1818PDF
MABoston College$65,620 $36,668 3033PDF
MABoston University$65,906 $30,849 2731PDF
MABrandeis University$65,954 $32,822 2932PDF
MABridgewater State University$24,203 $5,409 1924PDF
MACambridge College$3,815 PDF
MAClark University$51,890 $24,043 PDF
MACollege of Our Lady of the Elms$47,538 $20,445 1924PDF
MACollege of the Holy Cross$61,524 $34,876 PDF
MACurry College$53,815 $19,717 1822PDF
MADean College$53,120 $23,221 PDF
MAEastern Nazarene College$42,290 $20,908 1824PDF
MAEmerson College$59,807 $19,097 2529PDF
MAEmmanuel College$53,815 $20,386 PDF
MAEndicott College$47,886 $12,760 PDF
MAFisher College$49,134 $16,909 PDF
MAFitchburg State University$21,938 $6,225 1823PDF
MAFramingham State University$23,924 $4,169 1923PDF
MAFranklin W Olin College of Engineering$65,701 $31,067 3235PDF
MAGordon College$47,804 $17,969 2329PDF
MAHampshire College$63,698 $26,888 PDF
MAHarvard University$64,400 $46,508 3235PDF
MAHellenic College-Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology$42,682 $17,152 PDF
MALaboure College$7,130 PDF
MALasell College$48,750 $20,004 1823PDF
MALesley University$43,215 $9,765 2125PDF
MALongy School of Music of Bard College$12,579 PDF
MAMassachusetts College of Art and Design$28,400 $9,810 2126PDF
MAMassachusetts College of Liberal Arts$22,887 $6,368 2125PDF
MAMassachusetts Institute of Technology$63,250 $39,339 3335PDF
MAMassachusetts Maritime Academy$23,454 $9,876 2023PDF
MAMCPHS University$49,632 $11,403 2126PDF
MAMerrimack College$53,620 $18,267 PDF
MAMontserrat College of Art$42,550 $13,098 PDF
MAMount Holyoke College$58,646 $30,917 PDF
MAMount Ida College$48,372 $16,968 1622PDF
MANewbury College$47,748 $20,606 PDF
MANichols College$48,600 $18,520 PDF
MANortheastern University$62,800 $30,421 3134PDF
MANorthpoint Bible College$24,890 $5,692 PDF
MAPine Manor College$43,330 $18,252 PDF
MARegis College$54,985 $24,523 PDF
MASaint John's Seminary$33,750 PDF
MASalem State University$24,211 $6,082 PDF
MASchool of the Museum of Fine Arts-Boston$60,578 $16,602 PDF
MASimmons College$55,250 $23,231 2429PDF
MASmith College$64,486 $35,987 PDF
MASpringfield College$48,995 $19,558 2026PDF
MAStonehill College$55,670 $24,372 PDF
MASuffolk University$52,308 $16,464 2026PDF
MAThe Boston Conservatory$64,220 $17,147 PDF
MAThe New England Conservatory of Music$59,615 $17,018 PDF
MATufts University$65,900 $36,384 3033PDF
MAUniversity of Massachusetts-Amherst$28,074 $8,456 2530PDF
MAUniversity of Massachusetts-Boston$9,481 PDF
MAUniversity of Massachusetts-Dartmouth$26,982 $8,884 1925PDF
MAUniversity of Massachusetts-Lowell$27,723 $8,714 2329PDF
MAWellesley College$63,390 $38,950 2733PDF
MAWentworth Institute of Technology$51,190 $14,868 2227PDF
MAWestern New England University$50,224 $18,856 2227PDF
MAWestfield State University$22,361 $5,321 1924PDF
MAWheaton College$61,865 $25,962 PDF
MAWheelock College$50,866 $19,612 1824PDF
MAWilliams College$66,240 $42,474 3134PDF
MAWorcester Polytechnic Institute$61,200 $20,152 PDF
MAWorcester State University$24,485 $5,087 2025PDF
MDBais HaMedrash and Mesivta of Baltimore$21,250 $10,145 PDF
MDBowie State University$21,540 $8,189 1520PDF
MDCapitol Technology University$34,772 $17,350 1726PDF
MDCoppin State University$21,148 $7,556 1620PDF
MDFaith Theological Seminary$4,985 PDF
MDFrostburg State University$20,568 $6,872 1722PDF
MDGoucher College$56,922 $24,409 PDF
MDHood College$51,190 $23,154 PDF
MDJohns Hopkins University$65,496 $35,195 3234PDF
MDLoyola University Maryland$61,550 $25,002 PDF
MDMaple Springs Baptist Bible College and SeminaryPDF
MDMaryland Institute College of Art$58,850 $16,997 PDF
MDMcDaniel College$52,320 $27,558 2027PDF
MDMorgan State University$23,949 $8,111 1619PDF
MDMount St Mary's University$52,600 $20,753 1824PDF
MDNer Israel Rabbinical College$21,750 $10,212 PDF
MDNotre Dame of Maryland University$47,920 $23,470 2328PDF
MDSalisbury University$24,096 $4,676 PDF
MDSt John's College$62,097 $31,189 PDF
MDSt Mary's College of Maryland$28,700 $8,070 2228PDF
MDStevenson University$47,622 $16,955 1924PDF
MDTowson University$24,668 $8,180 2125PDF
MDUnited States Naval AcademyPDF
MDUniversity of Baltimore$6,917 1823PDF
MDUniversity of Maryland Eastern Shore$21,739 $10,197 1518PDF
MDUniversity of Maryland-Baltimore County$26,506 $8,895 2429PDF
MDUniversity of Maryland-College Park$25,137 $9,691 PDF
MDUniversity of Maryland-University College$3,206 PDF
MDWashington Adventist University$33,740 $12,330 1421PDF
MDWashington College$58,212 $22,245 PDF
MDYeshiva College of the Nations Capital$19,600 $11,147 PDF
MEBates College$64,590 $37,814 PDF
MEBowdoin College$63,440 $38,494 PDF
MEColby College$63,330 $42,192 2932PDF
MECollege of the Atlantic$53,196 $28,703 PDF
MEHusson University$28,654 $8,542 1823PDF
MEMaine College of Art$46,512 $15,227 PDF
MEMaine Maritime Academy$26,518 $5,071 1926PDF
MESaint Joseph's College of Maine$48,030 $18,954 2126PDF
METhomas College$37,530 $15,371 PDF
MEUnity College$38,410 $14,716 PDF
MEUniversity of Maine$23,386 $9,226 2128PDF
MEUniversity of Maine at Augusta$5,567 PDF
MEUniversity of Maine at Farmington$21,801 $7,144 PDF
MEUniversity of Maine at Fort Kent$18,985 $5,138 1519PDF
MEUniversity of Maine at Machias$19,246 $8,828 PDF
MEUniversity of Maine at Presque Isle$18,744 $5,597 PDF
MEUniversity of New England$51,830 $17,884 2029PDF
MEUniversity of Southern Maine$22,724 $6,450 1925PDF
MIAdrian College$48,906 $21,518 1924PDF
MIAlbion College$52,085 $25,258 2127PDF
MIAlma College$48,268 $24,451 2127PDF
MIAndrews University$37,732 $12,755 2027PDF
MIAquinas College$39,934 $20,032 2126PDF
MIBaker College$20,640 $5,768 PDF
MICalvin College$44,050 $16,240 2330PDF
MICentral Michigan University$22,922 $8,150 2025PDF
MICleary University$32,022 $9,017 1822PDF
MICollege for Creative Studies$54,100 $14,927 2026PDF
MICompass College of Cinematic Arts$5,357 PDF
MIConcordia University-Ann Arbor$40,460 $16,767 1923PDF
MICornerstone University$38,374 $17,189 1925PDF
MIDavenport University$28,640 $9,820 PDF
MIEastern Michigan University$22,351 $7,205 1925PDF
MIFerris State University$22,438 $9,029 1924PDF
MIFinlandia University$34,288 $7,643 1621PDF
MIGrace Bible College$22,278 $7,975 PDF
MIGrand Valley State University$22,263 $6,071 2126PDF
MIGreat Lakes Christian College$25,840 $8,008 PDF
MIHope College$42,520 $15,263 2429PDF
MIJackson College$17,510 $5,624 PDF
MIKalamazoo College$54,766 $26,748 PDF
MIKettering University$54,637 $18,092 2429PDF
MIKuyper College$29,360 $9,731 1924PDF
MILake Michigan College$18,885 $4,855 PDF
MILake Superior State University$22,570 $10,021 1925PDF
MILawrence Technological University$45,370 $16,686 2229PDF
MIMadonna University$31,608 $11,644 2024PDF
MIManthano Christian College$4,083 PDF
MIMarygrove College$30,350 $14,071 1418PDF
MIMichigan Jewish Institute$5,566 PDF
MIMichigan State University$26,048 $11,111 2328PDF
MIMichigan Technological University$27,677 $11,063 2429PDF
MINorthern Michigan University$21,306 $7,098 1924PDF
MINorthwestern Michigan College$20,921 $4,766 PDF
MINorthwood University-Michigan$37,752 $14,245 2024PDF
MIOakland University$23,222 $8,784 2026PDF
MIOlivet College$37,182 $12,889 1722PDF
MIRochester College$30,334 $11,305 1723PDF
MISacred Heart Major Seminary$33,442 $19,753 PDF
MISaginaw Valley State University$20,249 $5,410 1925PDF
MISchoolcraft College$4,553 PDF
MISiena Heights University$36,016 $16,259 1826PDF
MISpring Arbor University$36,936 $16,476 2026PDF
MIUniversity of Detroit Mercy$52,128 $26,707 2227PDF
MIUniversity of Michigan-Ann Arbor$27,812 $15,211 2933PDF
MIUniversity of Michigan-Dearborn$6,352 2127PDF
MIUniversity of Michigan-Flint$23,604 $7,972 1824PDF
MIWayne State University$24,904 $8,512 2026PDF
MIWestern Michigan University$23,548 $7,747 1925PDF
MIYeshiva Gedolah of Greater Detroit$14,400 $6,626 PDF
MNAugsburg College$48,545 $20,722 1925PDF
MNBemidji State University$19,846 $4,961 1924PDF
MNBethany Global University$22,300 $8,198 PDF
MNBethany Lutheran College$35,240 $16,739 2026PDF
MNBethel University$47,586 $17,608 2227PDF
MNCarleton College$64,420 $30,897 2933PDF
MNCollege of Saint Benedict$53,475 $25,519 2227PDF
MNConcordia College at Moorhead$46,054 $20,931 PDF
MNConcordia University-Saint Paul$33,050 $11,296 PDF
MNCrossroads College$27,170 $8,387 PDF
MNCrown College$36,810 $13,816 1925PDF
MNDunwoody College of Technology$5,194 PDF
MNGustavus Adolphus College$52,830 $27,958 PDF
MNHamline University$49,302 $23,927 2128PDF
MNMacalester College$61,853 $31,734 2932PDF
MNMartin Luther College$24,020 $5,444 2228PDF
MNMetropolitan State University$6,035 PDF
MNMinneapolis College of Art and Design$46,840 $18,877 2127PDF
MNMinnesota State University Moorhead$19,946 $4,462 2025PDF
MNMinnesota State University-Mankato$19,106 $4,844 2024PDF
MNNorth Central University$32,380 $11,787 1925PDF
MNNorthwestern Health Sciences University$4,623 PDF
MNOak Hills Christian College$27,604 $10,035 1821PDF
MNSaint Cloud State University$19,644 $5,149 1925PDF
MNSaint Johns University$52,230 $25,547 2328PDF
MNSaint Mary's University of Minnesota$42,400 $20,875 1926PDF
MNSouthwest Minnesota State University$20,254 $4,321 1924PDF
MNSt Catherine University$47,600 $23,817 1925PDF
MNSt Olaf College$54,630 $26,917 2631PDF
MNThe College of Saint Scholastica$46,036 $21,187 2026PDF
MNUniversity of Minnesota-Crookston$23,075 $9,369 1925PDF
MNUniversity of Minnesota-Duluth$23,860 $7,171 2226PDF
MNUniversity of Minnesota-Morris$23,350 $9,172 2228PDF
MNUniversity of Minnesota-Rochester$25,872 $6,565 2226PDF
MNUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities$26,304 $8,445 2631PDF
MNUniversity of Northwestern-St Paul$41,120 $15,307 2127PDF
MNUniversity of St Thomas$51,285 $19,743 2429PDF
MNWinona State University$21,427 $3,995 2025PDF
MOAvila University$38,582 $16,709 1824PDF
MOBaptist Bible College$20,084 $4,265 PDF
MOCalvary Bible College and Theological Seminary$18,576 $4,966 1924PDF
MOCentral Christian College of the Bible$21,348 $10,895 1626PDF
MOCentral Methodist University-College of Graduate and Extended StudiesPDF
MOCentral Methodist University-College of Liberal Arts and Sciences$35,660 $13,790 2025PDF
MOCity Vision University$7,190 PDF
MOCollege of the Ozarks$28,476 $14,142 2125PDF
MOColumbia College$21,152 $6,158 PDF
MOConception Seminary College$34,878 $4,107 2129PDF
MOCottey College$28,750 $13,457 2026PDF
MOCox College$3,306 PDF
MOCulver-Stockton College$37,180 $16,562 1823PDF
MODrury University$37,561 $12,166 2329PDF
MOEvangel University$33,829 $12,032 2026PDF
MOEverest College-Springfield$6,344 PDF
MOFontbonne University$38,880 $15,029 2025PDF
MOHannibal-LaGrange University$32,582 $12,000 PDF
MOHarris-Stowe State University$20,270 $5,909 PDF
MOKansas City Art Institute$51,760 $19,575 2026PDF
MOKenrick Glennon Seminary$35,750 $5,680 PDF
MOLincoln University$17,164 $6,940 PDF
MOLindenwood University$31,956 $9,455 2025PDF
MOMaryville University of Saint Louis$46,950 $17,368 2327PDF
MOMidwestern Baptist Theological Seminary$15,773 $4,278 1724PDF
MOMissouri Baptist University$36,101 $14,164 1823PDF
MOMissouri Southern State University$16,252 $5,463 1925PDF
MOMissouri State University-Springfield$20,296 $5,427 2126PDF
MOMissouri University of Science and Technology$21,698 $8,805 2531PDF
MOMissouri Valley College$30,400 $13,129 PDF
MOMissouri Western State University$19,120 $6,531 PDF
MONorthwest Missouri State University$18,226 $8,013 2025PDF
MOOzark Christian College$20,402 $5,910 PDF
MOPark University$24,502 $7,509 PDF
MORanken Technical College$25,239 $6,804 PDF
MORockhurst University$49,900 $23,761 2328PDF
MOSaint Louis Christian College$18,655 $3,467 1824PDF
MOSaint Louis University$55,536 $20,195 2531PDF
MOSoutheast Missouri Hospital College of Nursing and Health Sciences$5,406 2123PDF
MOSoutheast Missouri State University$20,225 $6,596 2025PDF
MOSouthwest Baptist University$32,568 $15,089 2026PDF
MOSt Louis College of Pharmacy$42,576 $11,126 2429PDF
MOStephens College$43,294 $19,115 2024PDF
MOTruman State University$20,736 $8,760 2530PDF
MOUniversity of Central Missouri$18,808 $4,951 1924PDF
MOUniversity of Missouri-Columbia$24,183 $8,451 2429PDF
MOUniversity of Missouri-Kansas City$23,671 $7,562 2128PDF
MOUniversity of Missouri-St Louis$23,644 $12,278 2127PDF
MOWashington University in St Louis$67,751 $32,626 3234PDF
MOWebster University$43,000 $16,594 2127PDF
MOWestminster College$37,330 $15,549 2126PDF
MOWilliam Jewell College$45,610 $22,926 2328PDF
MOWilliam Woods University$37,320 $12,633 1926PDF
MSAlcorn State University$22,036 $9,005 1620PDF
MSBelhaven University$33,666 $14,540 PDF
MSBlue Mountain College$20,152 $8,368 1824PDF
MSDelta State University$18,317 $5,334 1823PDF
MSJackson State University$22,212 $10,930 1721PDF
MSMillsaps College$50,718 $26,041 2328PDF
MSMississippi College$29,841 $12,360 2127PDF
MSMississippi State University$22,924 $9,759 2129PDF
MSMississippi University for Women$17,872 $8,354 1824PDF
MSMississippi Valley State University$18,913 $14,076 1619PDF
MSRust College$16,100 $5,836 1418PDF
MSSoutheastern Baptist College$9,390 $3,230 PDF
MSTougaloo College$21,208 $7,808 1520PDF
MSUniversity of Mississippi$23,372 $7,826 2128PDF
MSUniversity of Southern Mississippi$20,954 $9,277 1926PDF
MSWilliam Carey University$26,100 $10,294 2027PDF
MTCarroll College$44,672 $18,616 2227PDF
MTMontana State University$20,099 $5,973 2128PDF
MTMontana State University-Billings$18,658 $4,887 PDF
MTMontana State University-Northern$16,029 $4,929 1621PDF
MTMontana Tech of the University of Montana$19,599 $5,462 2327PDF
MTRocky Mountain College$38,096 $16,788 2025PDF
MTSalish Kootenai College$16,804 $4,841 PDF
MTThe University of Montana$19,118 $5,040 2027PDF
MTThe University of Montana-Western$16,517 $6,892 PDF
MTUniversity of Great Falls$35,386 $15,231 PDF
NCApex School of Theology$1,900 PDF
NCAppalachian State University$18,438 $8,180 2328PDF
NCBarton College$42,805 $18,392 1823PDF
NCBelmont Abbey College$32,694 $7,618 1925PDF
NCBennett College$32,462 $8,848 PDF
NCBrevard College$39,640 $18,767 PDF
NCCabarrus College of Health Sciences$8,030 1922PDF
NCCampbell University$44,470 $18,130 1924PDF
NCCarolina Christian CollegePDF
NCCarolina College of Biblical Studies$2,668 PDF
NCCatawba College$43,603 $20,201 1824PDF
NCCharlotte Christian College and Theological SeminaryPDF
NCChowan University$34,720 $15,785 1417PDF
NCDavidson College$62,894 $38,056 2932PDF
NCDuke University$66,739 $42,704 3134PDF
NCEast Carolina University$20,644 $8,004 2124PDF
NCElizabeth City State University$13,661 $10,585 1719PDF
NCElon University$46,670 $11,735 2529PDF
NCFayetteville State University$15,531 $8,038 1720PDF
NCGardner-Webb University$41,020 $18,973 1824PDF
NCGrace College of Divinity$3,498 PDF
NCGreensboro College$39,600 $16,475 1620PDF
NCGuilford College$48,000 $20,598 PDF
NCHeritage Bible College$18,931 $2,207 PDF
NCHigh Point University$48,380 $9,783 2227PDF
NCJohnson & Wales University-Charlotte$45,785 $17,206 PDF
NCJohnson C Smith University$32,136 $13,068 1518PDF
NCLaurel University$25,550 $4,658 1725PDF
NCLees-McRae College$41,740 $16,613 PDF
NCLenoir-Rhyne University$46,960 $23,784 PDF
NCLivingstone College$27,140 $10,347 1216PDF
NCMars Hill University$40,206 $21,175 1722PDF
NCMeredith College$46,460 $18,481 2025PDF
NCMethodist University$51,291 $25,958 1723PDF
NCMid-Atlantic Christian University$26,790 $10,071 1623PDF
NCMontreat College$36,002 $16,169 1823PDF
NCNorth Carolina A & T State University$17,943 $8,123 1721PDF
NCNorth Carolina Central University$19,998 $9,400 1720PDF
NCNorth Carolina State University at Raleigh$22,398 $10,609 2631PDF
NCNorth Carolina Wesleyan College$40,174 $21,770 1622PDF
NCPfeiffer University$41,150 $19,521 1722PDF
NCPiedmont International University$22,935 $7,024 1523PDF
NCQueens University of Charlotte$47,290 $20,577 2126PDF
NCSaint Augustine's University$32,416 $10,507 1317PDF
NCSalem College$43,710 $24,177 2129PDF
NCShaw University$29,478 $10,600 PDF
NCSoutheastern Baptist Theological Seminary$14,493 $7,306 PDF
NCSt Andrews University$42,100 $16,166 1722PDF
NCTennessee Temple University$8,676 PDF
NCUniversity of Mount Olive$29,150 $12,474 1721PDF
NCUniversity of North Carolina at Asheville$20,264 $6,544 2328PDF
NCUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill$24,349 $16,925 2833PDF
NCUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte$20,705 $9,728 2225PDF
NCUniversity of North Carolina at Greensboro$19,499 $8,651 2025PDF
NCUniversity of North Carolina at Pembroke$18,496 $6,783 1822PDF
NCUniversity of North Carolina School of the Arts$22,947 $7,861 2127PDF
NCUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington$22,151 $5,879 2327PDF
NCWake Forest University$64,478 $37,554 PDF
NCWarren Wilson College$47,260 $20,274 2128PDF
NCWestern Carolina University$20,014 $6,306 2024PDF
NCWilliam Peace University$41,150 $14,042 1521PDF
NCWingate University$42,540 $20,085 2025PDF
NCWinston-Salem State University$18,926 $8,614 1719PDF
NDBismarck State College$15,355 $3,301 PDF
NDDickinson State University$17,352 $4,344 1822PDF
NDMayville State University$17,456 $3,842 PDF
NDMinot State University$16,864 $4,450 1924PDF
NDNorth Dakota State University-Main Campus$20,308 $4,657 2126PDF
NDNueta Hidatsa Sahnish College$15,270 $3,542 PDF
NDSitting Bull College$14,156 $10,903 PDF
NDTrinity Bible College$27,102 $11,490 1722PDF
NDTurtle Mountain Community College$8,211 PDF
NDUnited Tribes Technical College$13,624 $6,260 PDF
NDUniversity of Jamestown$30,730 $13,035 1828PDF
NDUniversity of Mary$26,643 $8,722 2026PDF
NDUniversity of North Dakota$19,879 $4,461 2126PDF
NDValley City State University$17,863 $5,118 1823PDF
NEBellevue University$17,385 $4,563 PDF
NEBryan College of Health Sciences$3,532 2225PDF
NEChadron State College$19,176 $5,081 PDF
NEClarkson College$27,074 $6,321 2124PDF
NECollege of Saint Mary$39,774 $20,467 PDF
NEConcordia University-Nebraska$37,770 $17,392 2027PDF
NECreighton University$50,716 $19,610 2429PDF
NEDoane University-Arts & Sciences$42,410 $18,061 2026PDF
NEDoane University-Graduate and Professional StudiesPDF
NEGrace University$31,774 $13,266 1924PDF
NEHastings College$40,020 $18,676 2026PDF
NEMidland University$40,800 $15,991 1823PDF
NENebraska Christian College$27,450 $6,338 PDF
NENebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health$27,538 $6,725 2226PDF
NENebraska Wesleyan University$42,640 $17,491 2227PDF
NEPeru State College$17,730 $4,880 PDF
NEUnion College$33,490 $11,531 1926PDF
NEUniversity of Nebraska at Kearney$21,291 $5,739 2025PDF
NEUniversity of Nebraska at Omaha$20,350 $6,501 1926PDF
NEUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln$23,377 $7,394 2228PDF
NEWayne State College$16,550 $4,445 PDF
NEYork College$25,850 $8,744 1822PDF
NHColby-Sawyer College$54,860 $27,945 PDF
NHDartmouth College$67,044 $43,785 3034PDF
NHFranklin Pierce University$49,166 $18,815 1923PDF
NHGranite State College$4,557 PDF
NHKeene State College$25,690 $6,351 1924PDF
NHNew England College$50,874 $17,269 PDF
NHNew Hampshire Institute of Art$40,800 $11,392 PDF
NHNortheast Catholic College$32,156 $19,771 PDF
NHPlymouth State University$27,479 $5,305 PDF
NHRivier University$44,450 $14,438 PDF
NHSaint Anselm College$53,738 $20,067 PDF
NHSouthern New Hampshire University$47,418 $8,766 PDF
NHThomas More College of Liberal Arts$32,100 $16,511 PDF
NHUniversity of New Hampshire at Manchester$4,999 PDF
NHUniversity of New Hampshire-Main Campus$31,528 $12,070 2227PDF
NJBais Medrash Toras Chesed$15,500 $6,572 PDF
NJBloomfield College$43,496 $21,533 1519PDF
NJCaldwell University$47,240 $23,866 1824PDF
NJCentenary College$46,899 $22,262 1724PDF
NJCollege of Saint Elizabeth$50,631 $29,392 PDF
NJDrew University$62,706 $31,127 PDF
NJFairleigh Dickinson University-College at Florham$55,810 $27,805 2025PDF
NJFairleigh Dickinson University-Metropolitan Campus$53,752 $28,448 1823PDF
NJFelician University$47,425 $26,891 1521PDF
NJGeorgian Court University$45,976 $24,007 PDF
NJKean University$28,561 $7,889 1721PDF
NJMesivta Keser Torah$5,017 PDF
NJMonmouth University$50,250 $17,215 2025PDF
NJMontclair State University$28,978 $8,750 PDF
NJNew Jersey City University$28,738 $9,755 PDF
NJNew Jersey Institute of Technology$34,408 $14,069 2329PDF
NJPillar College$11,241 PDF
NJPrinceton University$61,160 $41,764 3235PDF
NJRabbi Jacob Joseph School$18,700 $10,722 PDF
NJRabbinical College of America$22,500 $10,482 PDF
NJRamapo College of New Jersey$29,748 $11,378 2026PDF
NJRider University$55,770 $22,732 1925PDF
NJRowan University$28,210 $9,139 PDF
NJRutgers University-Camden$29,923 $10,598 PDF
NJRutgers University-New Brunswick$30,398 $13,386 PDF
NJRutgers University-Newark$30,651 $12,590 PDF
NJSaint Peter's University$50,966 $29,035 1621PDF
NJSeton Hall University$53,294 $22,476 2327PDF
NJStevens Institute of Technology$62,940 $27,569 2932PDF
NJStockton University$29,256 $11,841 1925PDF
NJTalmudical Academy-New Jersey$18,700 $12,107 PDF
NJThe College of New Jersey$32,820 $9,795 2630PDF
NJThomas Edison State UniversityPDF
NJWilliam Paterson University of New Jersey$27,990 $8,016 PDF
NJYeshiva Gedolah Zichron Leyma$18,200 $9,942 PDF
NJYeshiva Toras Chaim$21,350 $13,067 PDF
NJYeshiva Yesodei Hatorah$19,000 $8,555 PDF
NJYeshivas Be'er Yitzchok$7,030 PDF
NMEastern New Mexico University-Main Campus$16,635 $5,317 1723PDF
NMInstitute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture$19,596 $6,975 PDF
NMNavajo Technical University$15,210 $5,821 PDF
NMNew Mexico Highlands University$16,800 $9,245 PDF
NMNew Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology$20,101 $6,817 2329PDF
NMNew Mexico State University-Main Campus$19,144 $9,351 1824PDF
NMNorthern New Mexico College$18,183 $5,754 PDF
NMSt. John's College$62,184 $34,100 PDF
NMUniversity of New Mexico-Main Campus$20,665 $5,833 1925PDF
NMUniversity of the Southwest$25,544 $4,383 PDF
NMWestern New Mexico University$21,404 $7,043 PDF
NVCollege of Southern Nevada$3,845 PDF
NVGreat Basin College$15,175 $3,201 PDF
NVNevada State College$4,507 PDF
NVSierra Nevada College$45,660 $20,139 1827PDF
NVUniversity of Nevada-Las Vegas$22,529 $5,175 1825PDF
NVUniversity of Nevada-Reno$22,812 $5,151 2126PDF
NVWestern Nevada College$4,151 PDF
NYAdelphi University$51,708 $16,762 1925PDF
NYAlbany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences$45,089 $12,633 2428PDF
NYAlfred University$41,421 $19,806 2128PDF
NYAmerican Musical and Dramatic Academy$49,670 $9,656 PDF
NYBard College$66,724 $39,613 PDF
NYBarnard College$65,261 $39,328 2932PDF
NYBe'er Yaakov Talmudic Seminary$17,150 $10,711 PDF
NYBeis Medrash Heichal Dovid$17,700 $5,874 PDF
NYBet Medrash Gadol Ateret Torah$16,800 $8,949 PDF
NYBeth Hamedrash Shaarei Yosher Institute$24,320 $3,280 PDF
NYBeth Hatalmud Rabbinical College$10,877 PDF
NYBeth Medrash Meor Yitzchok$18,200 $6,018 PDF
NYBoricua College$4,802 PDF
NYCanisius College$49,956 $26,854 2127PDF
NYCazenovia College$46,930 $27,585 PDF
NYCentral Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitz$13,200 $6,316 PDF
NYClarkson University$62,332 $29,949 2430PDF
NYColgate University$64,800 $40,664 3033PDF
NYCollege of Mount Saint Vincent$33,995 $22,229 1822PDF
NYCollege of Staten Island CUNY$30,131 $7,550 PDF
NYColumbia University in the City of New York$69,084 $48,926 3135PDF
NYConcordia College-New York$43,724 $19,963 PDF
NYCooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art$62,710 $16,482 PDF
NYCornell University$65,494 $34,941 3034PDF
NYCulinary Institute of America$44,695 $11,440 PDF
NYCUNY Bernard M Baruch College$29,709 $6,977 PDF
NYCUNY Brooklyn College$27,737 $8,157 PDF
NYCUNY City College$28,114 $7,861 PDF
NYCUNY Hunter College$21,446 $7,440 PDF
NYCUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice$33,069 $7,397 PDF
NYCUNY Lehman College$27,811 $9,703 PDF
NYCUNY Medgar Evers College$7,315 PDF
NYCUNY New York City College of Technology$7,423 PDF
NYCUNY Queens College$26,914 $7,321 PDF
NYCUNY York College$8,814 PDF
NYDaemen College$40,545 $17,345 PDF
NYDavis College$23,040 $8,316 PDF
NYDominican College of Blauvelt$42,020 $17,712 1721PDF
NYDowling College$44,672 $17,552 PDF
NYD'Youville College$39,750 $15,026 2125PDF
NYElmira College$53,100 $26,375 PDF
NYFarmingdale State College$23,508 $6,479 1923PDF
NYFashion Institute of Technology$22,371 $5,458 PDF
NYFordham University$67,457 $25,564 2731PDF
NYHamilton College$63,870 $39,863 PDF
NYHartwick College$53,960 $26,857 PDF
NYHelene Fuld College of NursingPDF
NYHilbert College$31,630 $9,812 PDF
NYHobart William Smith Colleges$64,903 $23,791 PDF
NYHofstra University$58,035 $22,347 PDF
NYHoughton College$41,806 $18,073 2129PDF
NYIona College$52,654 $19,975 2025PDF
NYIthaca College$58,798 $22,328 PDF
NYJewish Theological Seminary of America$39,560 $20,212 2832PDF
NYKehilath Yakov Rabbinical Seminary$13,825 $10,984 PDF
NYKeuka College$45,437 $20,222 PDF
NYLe Moyne College$47,500 $20,894 2125PDF
NYLIU Brooklyn$52,646 $20,087 PDF
NYLIU Post$53,184 $19,649 1924PDF
NYMachzikei Hadath Rabbinical College$15,050 $9,850 PDF
NYManhattan College$56,210 $18,586 2227PDF
NYManhattan School of Music$62,424 $21,722 PDF
NYManhattanville College$53,090 $25,633 PDF
NYMaria College of Albany$9,521 PDF
NYMarist College$51,090 $13,704 PDF
NYMarymount Manhattan College$52,700 $13,668 2026PDF
NYMedaille College$40,912 $18,856 1523PDF
NYMercy College$36,248 $11,566 PDF
NYMesivta of Eastern Parkway-Yeshiva Zichron Meilech$16,625 PDF
NYMesivta Torah Vodaath Rabbinical Seminary$18,910 $10,978 PDF
NYMesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem of America$15,250 $6,165 PDF
NYMetropolitan College of New York$8,952 PDF
NYMirrer Yeshiva Cent Institute$16,534 $4,588 PDF
NYMolloy College$47,122 $13,557 2126PDF
NYMorrisville State College$25,640 $7,290 1721PDF
NYMount Saint Mary College$44,811 $14,603 2024PDF
NYNazareth College$47,063 $17,603 PDF
NYNew York College of Health Professions$3,066 PDF
NYNew York Institute of Technology$52,550 $19,090 2126PDF
NYNew York School of Interior Design$48,970 $8,570 PDF
NYNew York University$68,400 $30,319 2932PDF
NYNiagara University$44,700 $21,798 2025PDF
NYNyack College$38,780 $18,084 1622PDF
NYOhr Hameir Theological Seminary$19,600 $6,848 PDF
NYPace University-New York$62,241 $25,745 2126PDF
NYPaul Smiths College of Arts and Science$44,050 $17,185 PDF
NYPhillips Beth Israel School of NursingPDF
NYPratt Institute-Main$62,882 $19,463 2328PDF
NYRabbinical Academy Mesivta Rabbi Chaim Berlin$19,250 $10,499 PDF
NYRabbinical College Beth Shraga$21,250 $8,307 PDF
NYRabbinical College Bobover Yeshiva Bnei Zion$16,050 $9,938 PDF
NYRabbinical College of Ch'san Sofer New York$8,655 PDF
NYRabbinical College of Long Island$17,700 PDF
NYRabbinical College of Ohr Shimon Yisroel$16,500 $6,871 PDF
NYRabbinical College Ohr Yisroel$5,600 PDF
NYRabbinical Seminary of America$18,900 $8,972 PDF
NYRensselaer Polytechnic Institute$66,172 $26,378 2832PDF
NYRoberts Wesleyan College$42,690 $19,020 2026PDF
NYRochester Institute of Technology$51,068 $20,253 2631PDF
NYSaint John Fisher College$44,650 $16,659 2126PDF
NYSaint Joseph's College-New York$12,844 1924PDF
NYSarah Lawrence College$66,642 $28,731 PDF
NYSh'or Yoshuv Rabbinical College$19,560 $11,175 PDF
NYSiena College$50,481 $23,693 PDF
NYSkidmore College$64,850 $38,712 2630PDF
NYSt Bonaventure University$44,717 $20,669 2127PDF
NYSt Francis College$41,800 $12,242 1722PDF
NYSt John's University-New York$57,427 $24,362 2227PDF
NYSt Lawrence University$63,800 $30,601 PDF
NYSt. Thomas Aquinas College$44,270 $19,703 1822PDF
NYState University of New York at New Paltz$23,017 $7,858 2327PDF
NYStony Brook University$23,655 $8,840 2631PDF
NYSUNY at Albany$24,163 $8,767 2226PDF
NYSUNY at Binghamton$24,251 $7,635 2731PDF
NYSUNY at Fredonia$23,424 $6,100 2126PDF
NYSUNY at Purchase College$25,310 $6,879 2227PDF
NYSUNY Buffalo State$23,332 $7,576 1622PDF
NYSUNY College at Brockport$22,420 $6,720 2025PDF
NYSUNY College at Cortland$23,954 $6,286 PDF
NYSUNY College at Geneseo$23,593 $6,367 2529PDF
NYSUNY College at Old Westbury$22,493 $7,877 PDF
NYSUNY College at Oswego$23,124 $6,196 2226PDF
NYSUNY College at Plattsburgh$23,140 $7,675 2125PDF
NYSUNY College at Potsdam$23,083 $7,458 PDF
NYSUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill$23,939 $7,508 1622PDF
NYSUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry$25,538 $7,214 2529PDF
NYSUNY College of Technology at Alfred$23,885 $8,172 1824PDF
NYSUNY College of Technology at Canton$22,890 $7,944 PDF
NYSUNY College of Technology at Delhi$23,159 $8,056 PDF
NYSUNY Empire State College$7,362 PDF
NYSUNY Maritime College$24,325 $5,753 2226PDF
NYSUNY Oneonta$22,914 $6,959 2225PDF
NYSUNY Polytechnic Institute$23,423 $6,149 2328PDF
NYSyracuse University$61,242 $28,296 2429PDF
NYTalmudical Institute of Upstate New York$13,100 $6,709 PDF
NYTalmudical Seminary of Bobov$15,000 $10,340 PDF
NYTalmudical Seminary Oholei Torah$20,500 $6,230 PDF
NYThe College of New Rochelle$50,900 $13,052 2023PDF
NYThe College of Saint Rose$45,004 $18,926 PDF
NYThe Juilliard School$57,950 $27,999 PDF
NYThe King‰Ûªs College$55,555 $19,690 2429PDF
NYThe New School$66,326 $17,299 PDF
NYThe Sage Colleges$43,720 $24,155 PDF
NYTorah Temimah Talmudical Seminary$18,250 $5,664 PDF
NYTouro College$33,230 $8,019 PDF
NYTrocaire College$9,616 PDF
NYUnion College$64,245 $24,741 PDF
NYUnited States Merchant Marine Academy$8,475 $4,402 PDF
NYUnited States Military Academy2631PDF
NYUnited Talmudical Seminary$21,266 $10,248 PDF
NYUniversity at Buffalo$25,718 $8,363 2429PDF
NYUniversity of Rochester$65,264 $29,586 PDF
NYUta Mesivta of Kiryas Joel$20,400 $9,904 PDF
NYUtica College$50,110 $24,357 PDF
NYVassar College$65,480 $42,125 3033PDF
NYVaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology$44,520 $6,762 PDF
NYVilla Maria College$13,719 PDF
NYWagner College$58,615 $27,171 PDF
NYWebb Institute$65,400 $44,756 3033PDF
NYWells College$52,350 $30,506 2125PDF
NYYeshiva Derech Chaim$18,900 $8,965 PDF
NYYeshiva D'monsey Rabbinical College$14,350 $8,050 PDF
NYYeshiva Gedola Ohr Yisrael$16,000 $750PDF
NYYeshiva Gedolah Imrei Yosef D'spinka$5,730 PDF
NYYeshiva Gedolah Kesser Torah$8,127 PDF
NYYeshiva Karlin Stolin$16,850 $12,598 PDF
NYYeshiva of Far Rockaway Derech Ayson Rabbinical Seminary$19,000 $7,734 PDF
NYYeshiva of Machzikai Hadas$24,715 $10,978 PDF
NYYeshiva of Nitra Rabbinical College$15,700 $10,582 PDF
NYYeshiva of the Telshe Alumni$18,500 $8,966 PDF
NYYeshiva Shaar Hatorah$17,580 $6,473 PDF
NYYeshiva Shaarei Torah of Rockland$17,900 PDF
NYYeshiva Sholom Shachna$16,200 $5,240 PDF
NYYeshiva University$57,355 $26,065 2429PDF
NYYeshivas Novominsk$17,200 $7,226 PDF
NYYeshivat Mikdash Melech$16,800 $15,378 PDF
NYYeshivath Viznitz$16,550 $10,038 PDF
NYYeshivath Zichron Moshe$19,100 $7,058 PDF
OHAllegheny Wesleyan College$12,412 $8,041 PDF
OHAntioch College$49,432 $34,310 PDF
OHArt Academy of Cincinnati$40,988 $14,372 1823PDF
OHAshland University$33,340 $10,108 2025PDF
OHAultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences$4,561 2125PDF
OHBaldwin Wallace University$43,332 $19,250 PDF
OHBluffton University$44,058 $20,883 1823PDF
OHBowling Green State University-Main Campus$24,054 $6,890 1924PDF
OHCapital University$46,070 $22,098 2228PDF
OHCase Western Reserve University$61,510 $28,138 3033PDF
OHCedarville University$36,648 $12,594 2328PDF
OHCentral State University$18,590 $6,770 1418PDF
OHCincinnati Christian University$30,086 $8,930 1824PDF
OHCleveland Institute of Art$55,787 $20,267 2027PDF
OHCleveland Institute of Music$63,955 $25,911 PDF
OHCleveland State University$26,436 $6,486 1925PDF
OHColumbus College of Art and Design$46,400 $15,233 PDF
OHDefiance College$44,732 $18,303 1924PDF
OHDenison University$60,710 $29,846 PDF
OHFranciscan University of Steubenville$36,710 $9,794 2328PDF
OHFranklin University$6,009 PDF
OHGods Bible School and College$15,240 $5,559 PDF
OHGood Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science$6,032 1824PDF
OHHeidelberg University$41,100 $18,205 1925PDF
OHHiram College$44,787 $19,149 2027PDF
OHJohn Carroll University$52,100 $23,774 2228PDF
OHKent State University at Ashtabula$3,822 PDF
OHKent State University at East Liverpool$4,404 PDF
OHKent State University at Geauga$4,067 PDF
OHKent State University at Kent$25,532 $7,132 2125PDF
OHKent State University at Salem$3,947 PDF
OHKent State University at Stark$3,621 PDF
OHKent State University at Trumbull$3,889 PDF
OHKent State University at Tuscarawas$3,512 PDF
OHKenyon College$64,360 $33,907 2832PDF
OHKettering College$25,362 $3,206 PDF
OHLake Erie College$42,750 $20,093 1923PDF
OHLourdes University$33,840 $11,459 1824PDF
OHMalone University$41,108 $17,777 1925PDF
OHMarietta College$47,734 $21,498 2127PDF
OHMercy College of Ohio$28,774 $5,833 PDF
OHMiami University-Hamilton$3,995 PDF
OHMiami University-Middletown$4,060 PDF
OHMiami University-Oxford$29,413 $9,805 2630PDF
OHMount Carmel College of Nursing$23,300 $4,966 1923PDF
OHMount Saint Joseph University$38,310 $15,560 PDF
OHMount Vernon Nazarene University$37,674 $16,601 2025PDF
OHMuskingum University$38,690 $17,412 1824PDF
OHNotre Dame College$41,900 $18,150 1721PDF
OHOberlin College$66,870 $23,846 2932PDF
OHOhio Christian University$33,040 $7,344 PDF
OHOhio Dominican University$44,000 $21,077 1924PDF
OHOhio Northern University$43,558 $19,325 2328PDF
OHOhio State University-Lima Campus$3,382 PDF
OHOhio State University-Main Campus$25,579 $9,228 2731PDF
OHOhio State University-Mansfield Campus$22,366 $4,676 PDF
OHOhio State University-Marion Campus$4,241 PDF
OHOhio State University-Newark Campus$22,366 $4,545 PDF
OHOhio University-Chillicothe Campus$4,399 PDF
OHOhio University-Eastern Campus$4,002 PDF
OHOhio University-Lancaster Campus$4,509 PDF
OHOhio University-Main Campus$26,494 $5,483 2226PDF
OHOhio University-Southern Campus$4,627 PDF
OHOhio University-Zanesville Campus$4,695 PDF
OHOhio Wesleyan University$58,260 $27,760 PDF
OHOtterbein University$45,197 $19,322 2227PDF
OHPontifical College Josephinum$38,848 $4,245 PDF
OHRabbinical College Telshe$17,400 $9,147 PDF
OHShawnee State University$22,132 $4,974 PDF
OHThe Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences$3,579 1922PDF
OHThe College of Wooster$57,500 $27,462 2530PDF
OHThe University of Findlay$43,340 $18,723 2025PDF
OHTiffin University$35,861 $13,834 PDF
OHTri-State Bible CollegePDF
OHUnion Institute & UniversityPDF
OHUniversity of Akron Main Campus$25,351 $6,388 1926PDF
OHUniversity of Cincinnati-Blue Ash College$4,995 PDF
OHUniversity of Cincinnati-Clermont College$4,684 PDF
OHUniversity of Cincinnati-Main Campus$27,788 $6,876 2328PDF
OHUniversity of Dayton$53,530 $20,068 2429PDF
OHUniversity of Mount Union$40,825 $15,334 2126PDF
OHUniversity of Northwestern Ohio$22,380 $6,165 PDF
OHUniversity of Rio Grande$39,008 $5,587 PDF
OHUniversity of Toledo$24,422 $8,301 2026PDF
OHUrbana University$33,036 $15,834 1823PDF
OHUrsuline College$40,934 $22,395 1924PDF
OHWalsh University$41,014 $18,022 PDF
OHWilberforce University$25,131 $11,901 1418PDF
OHWilmington College$37,900 $19,062 1922PDF
OHWittenberg University$50,718 $25,266 PDF
OHWright State University-Lake Campus$19,472 $4,321 1823PDF
OHWright State University-Main Campus$23,688 $6,365 1925PDF
OHXavier University$49,220 $20,389 2227PDF
OHYoungstown State University$22,182 $7,254 1824PDF
OKBacone College$29,200 $5,468 1520PDF
OKCameron University$14,904 $6,095 PDF
OKEast Central University$14,552 $7,526 1823PDF
OKFamily of Faith College$22,255 $9,520 PDF
OKHillsdale Free Will Baptist College$26,304 $6,767 1524PDF
OKLangston University$18,714 $4,915 PDF
OKMid-America Christian University$30,494 $8,256 PDF
OKNortheastern State University$16,030 $6,410 1923PDF
OKNorthwestern Oklahoma State University$15,312 $5,271 1822PDF
OKOklahoma Baptist University$36,400 $17,086 2025PDF
OKOklahoma Christian University$31,770 $11,677 2128PDF
OKOklahoma City University$44,834 $17,699 2228PDF
OKOklahoma Panhandle State University$17,355 $4,468 1621PDF
OKOklahoma State University Institute of Technology$14,731 $5,403 PDF
OKOklahoma State University-Main Campus$22,308 $8,750 2227PDF
OKOklahoma State University-Oklahoma City$4,003 PDF
OKOklahoma Wesleyan University$36,668 $12,142 1823PDF
OKOral Roberts University$37,914 $15,765 1924PDF
OKRogers State University$18,361 $5,536 1618PDF
OKSoutheastern Oklahoma State University$16,443 $8,362 1823PDF
OKSouthern Nazarene University$34,640 $16,175 PDF
OKSouthwestern Christian University$22,343 $9,230 1724PDF
OKSouthwestern Oklahoma State University$18,702 $6,912 1824PDF
OKSt. Gregory's University$33,574 $15,564 PDF
OKUniversity of Central Oklahoma$18,486 $5,642 1924PDF
OKUniversity of Oklahoma-Norman Campus$25,160 $9,660 2429PDF
OKUniversity of Science and Arts of Oklahoma$16,864 $9,487 1924PDF
OKUniversity of Tulsa$55,875 $25,377 2632PDF
ORConcordia University-Portland$40,220 $15,912 1924PDF
ORCorban University$43,120 $17,858 2127PDF
OREastern Oregon University$21,906 $5,614 1823PDF
ORGeorge Fox University$46,364 $17,207 2127PDF
ORLewis & Clark College$59,424 $23,631 PDF
ORLinfield College-McMinnville Campus$52,814 $23,284 2026PDF
ORMarylhurst UniversityPDF
ORMount Angel Seminary$34,698 PDF
ORMultnomah University$36,964 $12,728 PDF
ORNew Hope Christian College-Eugene$25,130 $8,346 PDF
ORNorthwest Christian University$38,910 $16,589 1923PDF
OROregon College of Art and Craft$41,280 $13,849 PDF
OROregon Institute of Technology$22,792 $5,844 1926PDF
OROregon State University$26,415 $7,528 2128PDF
OROregon State University-Cascades Campus2025PDF
ORPacific Northwest College of Art$48,308 $15,409 PDF
ORPacific University$54,036 $23,033 2126PDF
ORPortland State University$23,634 $7,004 1925PDF
ORReed College$64,480 $42,645 2933PDF
ORSouthern Oregon University$24,501 $5,153 1926PDF
ORUniversity of Oregon$25,169 $7,358 2227PDF
ORUniversity of Portland$57,040 $22,336 PDF
ORWarner Pacific College$33,208 $12,892 PDF
ORWarner Pacific College Adult Degree Program$2,598 PDF
ORWestern Oregon University$23,339 $5,711 1722PDF
ORWillamette University$58,997 $24,877 2530PDF
PAAlbright College$53,880 $26,463 PDF
PAAllegheny College$56,710 $27,624 PDF
PAAlvernia University$45,920 $17,641 1924PDF
PAArcadia University$55,360 $25,392 2227PDF
PABloomsburg University of Pennsylvania$22,604 $5,708 1823PDF
PABryn Athyn College of the New Church$32,305 $14,309 1823PDF
PABryn Mawr College$63,990 $29,260 2832PDF
PABucknell University$65,268 $27,363 2832PDF
PACabrini College$45,548 $18,430 PDF
PACairn University-Langhorne$36,200 $15,732 1824PDF
PACalifornia University of Pennsylvania$25,442 $6,614 1722PDF
PACarlow University$40,506 $19,159 1923PDF
PACarnegie Mellon University$65,895 $30,132 3134PDF
PACedar Crest College$48,715 $25,838 1926PDF
PAChatham University$49,022 $25,875 PDF
PAChestnut Hill College$47,955 $20,929 1724PDF
PACheyney University of Pennsylvania$25,446 $12,035 PDF
PAClarion University of Pennsylvania$24,502 $5,950 1722PDF
PACurtis Institute of Music$21,627 $6,879 PDF
PADelaware Valley University$50,946 $20,264 1825PDF
PADeSales University$47,978 $19,604 2128PDF
PADickinson College$64,541 $28,127 PDF
PADrexel University$69,912 $25,661 2530PDF
PADuquesne University$48,796 $17,828 2328PDF
PAEast Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania$22,128 $6,113 1824PDF
PAEastern University$45,360 $18,499 1827PDF
PAEdinboro University of Pennsylvania$22,852 $6,337 1723PDF
PAElizabethtown College$54,000 $22,901 2328PDF
PAFranklin and Marshall College$65,640 $40,089 PDF
PAGannon University$44,400 $19,049 2025PDF
PAGeneva College$37,130 $14,961 2127PDF
PAGettysburg College$62,370 $28,594 PDF
PAGwynedd Mercy University$44,600 $18,792 1822PDF
PAHarrisburg University of Science and Technology$14,744 PDF
PAHaverford College$66,648 $43,170 3134PDF
PAHoly Family University$45,392 $20,416 PDF
PAImmaculata University$51,878 $16,237 2023PDF
PAIndiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus$24,916 $6,515 1722PDF
PAJuniata College$53,590 $25,328 PDF
PAKeystone College$39,200 $14,158 1622PDF
PAKing's College$48,828 $19,233 PDF
PAKutztown University of Pennsylvania$24,401 $5,029 1722PDF
PALa Roche College$40,510 $16,743 1723PDF
PALa Salle University$56,160 $25,959 1823PDF
PALafayette College$63,680 $36,912 2731PDF
PALancaster Bible College$32,130 $8,756 1923PDF
PALebanon Valley College$52,940 $23,383 PDF
PALehigh University$60,575 $30,854 2932PDF
PALincoln University$25,784 $8,299 1519PDF
PALock Haven University$24,030 $6,108 1722PDF
PALycoming College$49,856 $28,410 2025PDF
PAMansfield University of Pennsylvania$25,280 $5,763 1722PDF
PAMarywood University$49,092 $20,917 PDF
PAMercyhurst University$48,709 $23,882 PDF
PAMessiah College$45,360 $17,454 2128PDF
PAMillersville University of Pennsylvania$26,189 $5,298 1924PDF
PAMisericordia University$44,500 $14,842 2227PDF
PAMoore College of Art and Design$55,064 $16,498 PDF
PAMoravian College$53,616 $21,374 1923PDF
PAMount Aloysius College$36,412 $11,890 1721PDF
PAMuhlenberg College$59,725 $22,475 PDF
PANeumann University$41,980 $14,751 1721PDF
PAPeirce College$9,684 PDF
PAPennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts$54,491 $16,020 PDF
PAPennsylvania College of Art and Design$35,055 $5,316 PDF
PAPennsylvania College of Health Sciences$4,677 PDF
PAPennsylvania College of Technology$31,326 $4,994 PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Main Campus$35,068 $9,151 2529PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Abington$7,902 1925PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Altoona$32,164 $6,894 2024PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Beaver$31,214 $7,268 1824PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Berks$32,164 $6,867 1825PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Brandywine$6,908 1826PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State DuBois$6,820 2125PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Erie-Behrend College$32,164 $6,854 2025PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Fayette- Eberly$6,469 1722PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Greater Allegheny$31,214 $8,850 2025PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Harrisburg$32,164 $6,661 2026PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Hazleton$31,456 $7,233 1725PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Lehigh Valley$6,641 1927PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Mont Alto$31,224 $7,405 1724PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State New Kensington$6,336 1923PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Schuylkill$31,456 $8,200 1619PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Shenango$8,442 1922PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Wilkes-Barre$6,488 1826PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State Worthington Scranton$7,270 1721PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-Penn State York$6,215 2126PDF
PAPennsylvania State University-World Campus$5,004 2125PDF
PAPhiladelphia University$54,188 $22,297 2126PDF
PAPoint Park University$42,370 $16,733 1925PDF
PAReformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary$22,269 PDF
PARobert Morris University$43,404 $16,222 2026PDF
PARosemont College$48,398 $28,745 1520PDF
PASaint Charles Borromeo Seminary-Overbrook$38,175 $5,350 PDF
PASaint Francis University$47,678 $20,587 2126PDF
PASaint Joseph's University$59,138 $19,339 PDF
PASaint Vincent College$46,135 $22,954 2026PDF
PASeton Hill University$46,732 $21,273 PDF
PAShippensburg University of Pennsylvania$25,504 $6,156 1823PDF
PASlippery Rock University of Pennsylvania$23,417 $6,039 1924PDF
PASummit University of Pennsylvania$30,350 $12,122 PDF
PASusquehanna University$55,450 $25,308 PDF
PASwarthmore College$64,363 $40,870 3034PDF
PATalmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia$18,850 $8,748 PDF
PATemple University$31,638 $10,182 PDF
PAThe University of the Arts$60,579 $20,149 1927PDF
PAThiel College$44,204 $18,639 1721PDF
PAUniversity of Pennsylvania$66,800 $40,276 3134PDF
PAUniversity of Pittsburgh-Bradford$24,398 $9,328 1823PDF
PAUniversity of Pittsburgh-Greensburg$25,566 $7,839 2025PDF
PAUniversity of Pittsburgh-Johnstown$25,008 $7,208 2025PDF
PAUniversity of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus$31,696 $10,899 2631PDF
PAUniversity of Scranton$58,130 $22,256 2228PDF
PAUniversity of the Sciences$56,744 $21,692 2228PDF
PAUniversity of Valley Forge$32,418 $8,467 1826PDF
PAUrsinus College$62,922 $31,418 PDF
PAVillanova University$62,773 $28,855 2932PDF
PAWashington & Jefferson College$56,332 $26,039 PDF
PAWaynesburg University$33,700 $13,538 2026PDF
PAWest Chester University of Pennsylvania$25,962 $5,627 2126PDF
PAWestminster College$46,725 $24,228 2026PDF
PAWidener University-Main Campus$57,477 $26,430 2125PDF
PAWilkes University$50,122 $21,666 PDF
PAWilson College$38,104 $15,363 1822PDF
PAYeshivath Beth Moshe$16,020 $9,651 PDF
PAYork College Pennsylvania$31,600 $7,368 2025PDF
RIBrown University$65,380 $39,737 3134PDF
RIBryant University$57,061 $18,078 PDF
RIJohnson & Wales University-Providence$46,429 $14,904 PDF
RINew England Institute of Technology$6,477 PDF
RIProvidence College$60,400 $24,063 PDF
RIRhode Island College$21,231 $6,467 1621PDF
RIRhode Island School of Design$64,640 $25,412 2532PDF
RIRoger Williams University$50,334 $13,680 PDF
RISalve Regina University$52,690 $22,094 PDF
RIUniversity of Rhode Island$28,064 $10,535 2226PDF
SCAllen University$22,800 $6,871 PDF
SCAnderson University$39,185 $17,971 2126PDF
SCBenedict College$30,492 $14,042 PDF
SCCharleston Southern University$37,710 $17,979 2025PDF
SCCitadel Military College of South Carolina$27,030 $11,556 2125PDF
SCClaflin University$30,580 $10,796 1519PDF
SCClemson University$27,820 $10,560 2731PDF
SCClinton College$18,402 $5,206 PDF
SCCoastal Carolina University$24,468 $7,793 2024PDF
SCCoker College$37,323 $18,248 1822PDF
SCCollege of Charleston$28,015 $8,834 2328PDF
SCColumbia College$41,120 $21,955 1824PDF
SCColumbia International University$34,060 $14,960 2026PDF
SCConverse College$32,177 $11,254 2025PDF
SCErskine College$49,765 $34,864 1824PDF
SCFrancis Marion University$22,087 $8,504 1722PDF
SCFurman University$60,714 $27,818 PDF
SCLander University$22,752 $8,817 1722PDF
SCLimestone College$39,268 $14,720 1621PDF
SCMorris College$23,240 $8,304 PDF
SCNewberry College$40,150 $20,436 1822PDF
SCNorth Greenville University$32,000 $14,896 2029PDF
SCPresbyterian College$49,580 $28,806 2027PDF
SCSouth Carolina State University$29,088 $11,731 1417PDF
SCSouthern Wesleyan University$36,230 $16,614 PDF
SCUniversity of South Carolina-Aiken$23,772 $6,290 1823PDF
SCUniversity of South Carolina-Beaufort$22,195 $6,265 1722PDF
SCUniversity of South Carolina-Columbia$26,571 $5,938 2530PDF
SCUniversity of South Carolina-Upstate$23,673 $7,357 1822PDF
SCVoorhees College$26,336 $10,635 PDF
SCWinthrop University$26,994 $9,735 2026PDF
SCWofford College$53,539 $25,987 2329PDF
SDAugustana University$39,628 $19,402 2328PDF
SDBlack Hills State University$19,962 $4,279 1923PDF
SDDakota State University$19,265 $3,911 2025PDF
SDDakota Wesleyan University$36,050 $14,920 1824PDF
SDMount Marty College$36,996 $14,593 1925PDF
SDNorthern State University$20,074 $4,160 1925PDF
SDOglala Lakota College$12,334 $6,413 PDF
SDPresentation College$31,248 $9,857 1821PDF
SDSinte Gleska University$4,743 PDF
SDSouth Dakota School of Mines and Technology$24,470 $3,999 2429PDF
SDSouth Dakota State University$25,920 $4,069 2026PDF
SDUniversity of Sioux Falls$37,600 $16,011 2025PDF
SDUniversity of South Dakota$20,974 $4,498 2025PDF
TNAmerican Baptist College$20,814 $8,397 PDF
TNAquinas College$33,069 $13,670 2126PDF
TNAustin Peay State University$23,027 $7,882 1924PDF
TNBaptist Memorial College of Health Sciences$21,212 $10,026 2327PDF
TNBelmont University$47,120 $12,668 2328PDF
TNBethel University$30,196 $11,741 1722PDF
TNBryan College-Dayton$34,020 $15,821 1925PDF
TNCarson-Newman University$38,544 $19,839 1926PDF
TNChristian Brothers University$41,754 $22,628 2127PDF
TNCumberland University$35,380 $16,562 1923PDF
TNEast Tennessee State University$23,695 $7,564 2026PDF
TNFisk University$38,831 $15,753 1723PDF
TNFreed-Hardeman University$34,130 $15,563 2127PDF
TNHiwassee College$25,740 $11,175 1723PDF
TNJohnson University$23,219 $6,733 1925PDF
TNKing University$39,490 $18,810 1925PDF
TNLane College$20,200 $8,287 1417PDF
TNLe Moyne-Owen College$18,590 $7,837 1417PDF
TNLee University$29,355 $11,041 2127PDF
TNLincoln Memorial University$36,950 $18,504 1927PDF
TNLipscomb University$44,156 $16,532 2329PDF
TNMartin Methodist College$34,800 $9,606 PDF
TNMaryville College$46,952 $26,977 2026PDF
TNMemphis College of Art$43,550 $19,804 PDF
TNMiddle Tennessee State University$21,782 $8,728 1925PDF
TNMid-South Christian College$13,089 $3,288 PDF
TNMilligan College$39,248 $19,545 2228PDF
TNO'More College of Design$15,648 PDF
TNRemington College-Memphis Campus$5,191 PDF
TNRhodes College$57,714 $25,584 2732PDF
TNSewanee-The University of the South$51,950 $20,461 PDF
TNSouthern Adventist University$31,830 $10,093 PDF
TNTennessee State University$19,467 $9,180 PDF
TNTennessee Technological University$24,511 $8,437 2127PDF
TNTennessee Wesleyan College$32,910 $18,647 1925PDF
TNThe University of Tennessee-Chattanooga$22,456 $7,657 2126PDF
TNThe University of Tennessee-Knoxville$29,626 $9,064 2430PDF
TNThe University of Tennessee-Martin$19,410 $8,898 2025PDF
TNTrevecca Nazarene University$36,856 $17,046 1925PDF
TNTusculum College$36,290 $16,716 1823PDF
TNUnion University$48,397 $19,746 2229PDF
TNUniversity of Memphis$23,846 $9,121 1925PDF
TNVanderbilt University$63,532 $39,383 3235PDF
TNVisible Music College$31,000 $4,132 1624PDF
TNWatkins College of Art Design & Film$37,170 $5,406 1824PDF
TNWelch College$31,406 $9,504 PDF
TNWilliamson Christian College$2,527 PDF
TXAbilene Christian University$44,740 $18,356 2227PDF
TXAngelo State University$19,274 $7,516 1823PDF
TXArlington Baptist College$20,650 $3,578 PDF
TXAustin College$50,647 $25,121 2228PDF
TXBaptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary$14,350 PDF
TXBaptist University of the Americas$16,570 $4,354 PDF
TXBaylor University$56,796 $19,478 2530PDF
TXBrazosport College$4,581 PDF
TXCollege of Biblical Studies-Houston$3,058 PDF
TXConcordia University-Texas$41,858 $17,396 1924PDF
TXCriswell College$4,006 PDF
TXDallas Baptist University$36,374 $10,865 1924PDF
TXDallas Christian College$28,856 $6,144 1520PDF
TXEast Texas Baptist University$36,259 $13,194 1823PDF
TXGrace School of TheologyPDF
TXHardin-Simmons University$36,216 $13,201 1925PDF
TXHouston Baptist University$42,525 $18,060 2026PDF
TXHoward Payne University$36,984 $16,677 1823PDF
TXHuston-Tillotson University$28,214 $9,250 1418PDF
TXJarvis Christian College$23,840 $9,688 PDF
TXLamar University$21,132 $5,832 1824PDF
TXLeTourneau University$41,638 $16,850 2229PDF
TXLubbock Christian University$33,030 $9,680 1925PDF
TXMcMurry University$38,279 $15,272 1621PDF
TXMessenger College$21,554 $3,632 PDF
TXMidland College$12,946 $4,480 PDF
TXMidwestern State University$19,200 $6,977 1924PDF
TXNorth American University$25,260 $8,126 PDF
TXNorthwood University-Texas$4,320 PDF
TXOur Lady of the Lake University$38,204 $18,238 1722PDF
TXParker University$5,914 PDF
TXPaul Quinn College$16,525 $8,958 1418PDF
TXPrairie View A & M University$22,016 $10,922 1620PDF
TXRemington College-Dallas Campus$5,027 PDF
TXRemington College-Fort Worth Campus$4,908 PDF
TXRice University$58,253 $33,854 3235PDF
TXSaint Edward's University$53,200 $26,691 2327PDF
TXSam Houston State University$20,972 $8,852 1924PDF
TXSchreiner University$36,226 $14,841 1924PDF
TXSouth Texas College$5,105 PDF
TXSouthern Methodist University$67,165 $27,113 2832PDF
TXSouthwestern Adventist University$31,122 $9,626 1722PDF
TXSouthwestern Assemblies of God University$33,144 $8,016 1823PDF
TXSouthwestern Christian College$15,545 $4,999 PDF
TXSouthwestern University$50,840 $23,691 2329PDF
TXSt Mary's University$40,468 $20,476 2025PDF
TXStephen F Austin State University$21,074 $8,960 1924PDF
TXSul Ross State University$19,283 $7,066 1520PDF
TXTarleton State University$18,362 $6,189 1823PDF
TXTexas A & M International University$18,987 $7,776 1620PDF
TXTexas A & M University-College Station$24,772 $9,971 2530PDF
TXTexas A & M University-Commerce$18,795 $9,635 1824PDF
TXTexas A & M University-Corpus Christi$20,553 $6,742 1723PDF
TXTexas A & M University-Kingsville$21,668 $8,994 1722PDF
TXTexas A & M University-Texarkana$18,783 $7,691 1924PDF
TXTexas Christian University$58,270 $22,431 2530PDF
TXTexas College$21,008 $7,495 PDF
TXTexas Lutheran University$40,840 $19,390 1923PDF
TXTexas Southern University$25,346 $8,880 1519PDF
TXTexas State University$21,328 $7,724 2125PDF
TXTexas Tech University$22,576 $6,698 2327PDF
TXTexas Wesleyan University$39,164 $15,049 1923PDF
TXTexas Woman's University$18,402 $8,398 1723PDF
TXThe King's University$3,166 2029PDF
TXThe University of Texas at Arlington$23,324 $9,041 2026PDF
TXThe University of Texas at Austin$26,322 $8,837 2632PDF
TXThe University of Texas at Brownsville$8,314 PDF
TXThe University of Texas at Dallas$25,528 $14,345 2531PDF
TXThe University of Texas at El Paso$21,120 $9,788 1722PDF
TXThe University of Texas at San Antonio$21,749 $7,857 2025PDF
TXThe University of Texas at Tyler$18,630 $6,949 2025PDF
TXThe University of Texas of the Permian Basin$17,760 $7,282 1822PDF
TXThe University of Texas Rio Grande Valley$19,300 $7,906 1721PDF
TXTrinity University$52,618 $24,385 2732PDF
TXUniversity of Dallas$51,700 $22,842 2430PDF
TXUniversity of Houston$23,858 $9,732 2328PDF
TXUniversity of Houston-Clear Lake$22,596 $8,106 1924PDF
TXUniversity of Houston-Downtown$8,832 1620PDF
TXUniversity of Houston-Victoria$19,426 $7,529 PDF
TXUniversity of Mary Hardin-Baylor$37,730 $12,860 2026PDF
TXUniversity of North Texas$22,003 $11,900 2126PDF
TXUniversity of St Thomas$43,806 $18,434 2227PDF
TXUniversity of the Incarnate Word$43,192 $16,130 1823PDF
TXWayland Baptist University$25,366 $10,806 1623PDF
TXWest Texas A & M University$20,079 $6,452 1823PDF
TXWiley College$22,766 $7,856 PDF
UTBrigham Young University-Provo$17,718 $4,629 2731PDF
UTDixie State University$18,816 $5,510 PDF
UTIndependence University$4,352 PDF
UTMidwives College of Utah$4,599 PDF
UTSnow College$14,084 $3,445 PDF
UTSouthern Utah University$19,657 $6,419 2027PDF
UTStevens-Henager College$4,929 PDF
UTStevens-Henager College$7,032 PDF
UTStevens-Henager College$4,713 PDF
UTStevens-Henager College$5,239 PDF
UTStevens-Henager College$6,855 PDF
UTUniversity of Utah$21,777 $7,725 2128PDF
UTUtah State University$19,560 $7,382 2027PDF
UTUtah Valley University$6,224 PDF
UTWeber State University$15,973 $4,473 PDF
UTWestern Governors University$4,603 PDF
UTWestminster College$44,860 $18,188 2227PDF
VAAverett University$42,940 $18,351 1722PDF
VAAverett University-Non-Traditional ProgramsPDF
VABethel College$5,690 PDF
VABluefield College$36,882 $15,919 1722PDF
VABridgewater College$46,430 $23,908 2027PDF
VAChristopher Newport University$27,702 $4,259 2327PDF
VACollege of William and Mary$33,630 $18,179 2832PDF
VAEastern Mennonite University$45,550 $18,197 1826PDF
VAEmory & Henry College$44,620 $22,878 1824PDF
VAFerrum College$43,630 $24,297 1521PDF
VAGeorge Mason University$27,138 $7,500 2329PDF
VAHampden-Sydney College$57,790 $24,105 2127PDF
VAHampton University$37,190 $11,863 2024PDF
VAHollins University$50,735 $31,150 2130PDF
VAJames Madison University$24,612 $7,597 2327PDF
VAJefferson College of Health Sciences$39,548 $12,507 PDF
VALiberty University$35,809 $9,744 2027PDF
VALongwood University$26,020 $7,920 1823PDF
VALynchburg College$47,495 $23,976 1924PDF
VAMary Baldwin College$42,131 $22,178 1925PDF
VAMarymount University$45,046 $16,698 1924PDF
VANorfolk State University$23,909 $10,550 1519PDF
VAOld Dominion University$24,099 $7,887 1824PDF
VARadford University$21,969 $7,750 PDF
VARandolph College$49,916 $25,583 1924PDF
VARandolph-Macon College$50,980 $22,596 2227PDF
VARegent University$29,028 $9,554 2026PDF
VARoanoke College$55,411 $22,804 2127PDF
VAShenandoah University$44,780 $14,729 1925PDF
VASouthern Virginia University$27,100 $4,424 1926PDF
VASweet Briar College$50,937 $24,303 2227PDF
VAThe University of Virginia's College at Wise$23,446 $12,494 1722PDF
VAUniversity of Mary Washington$25,992 $4,809 2227PDF
VAUniversity of Richmond$61,370 $37,799 2932PDF
VAUniversity of Virginia-Main Campus$29,572 $18,859 2933PDF
VAVirginia Baptist College$17,685 $3,675 PDF
VAVirginia Commonwealth University$29,976 $10,592 2127PDF
VAVirginia Military Institute$28,352 $15,261 2327PDF
VAVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University$24,855 $8,079 PDF
VAVirginia State University$21,453 $6,276 1521PDF
VAVirginia Union University$28,756 $9,329 1418PDF
VAVirginia University of Lynchburg$23,329 $8,708 PDF
VAVirginia Wesleyan College$47,818 $20,727 1726PDF
VAWashington and Lee University$61,235 $39,931 3033PDF
VTBennington College$66,120 $34,989 PDF
VTBurlington College$37,961 $4,743 PDF
VTCastleton University$23,382 $6,620 1823PDF
VTChamplain College$53,586 $14,931 2329PDF
VTCollege of St Joseph$35,900 $16,812 PDF
VTGoddard College$6,115 PDF
VTGreen Mountain College$47,382 $23,211 PDF
VTJohnson State College$23,264 $8,921 1422PDF
VTLandmark College$66,940 $28,446 PDF
VTLyndon State College$23,314 $7,452 1620PDF
VTMarlboro College$53,110 $23,446 PDF
VTMiddlebury College$63,456 $40,963 2933PDF
VTNorwich University$52,776 $23,958 PDF
VTSaint Michael's College$53,905 $21,701 PDF
VTSouthern Vermont College$36,960 $16,161 1720PDF
VTSterling College$46,694 $23,980 PDF
VTUniversity of Vermont$31,000 $14,525 2530PDF
VTVermont Technical College$25,836 $6,557 PDF
WAAntioch University-SeattlePDF
WABellevue College$5,435 PDF
WACascadia College$5,017 PDF
WACentral Washington University$22,482 $7,066 1725PDF
WACentralia College$14,047 $6,616 PDF
WAClark College$5,462 PDF
WAClover Park Technical College$6,416 PDF
WAColumbia Basin College$5,978 PDF
WACornish College of the Arts$52,520 $14,724 PDF
WAEastern Washington University$22,436 $8,295 1823PDF
WAFaith Evangelical College & Seminary$2,749 PDF
WAGonzaga University$53,247 $18,333 2529PDF
WAGreen River College$5,702 PDF
WAHeritage University$18,078 PDF
WAHighline College$5,556 PDF
WALake Washington Institute of Technology$6,162 PDF
WANorth Seattle College$7,034 PDF
WANorthwest Indian College$13,959 $4,314 PDF
WANorthwest University$38,927 $16,795 1924PDF
WANorthwest University-College of Adult and Professional Studies$3,855 PDF
WAOlympic College$17,975 $5,939 PDF
WAPacific Lutheran University$51,838 $23,284 2228PDF
WAPeninsula College$6,329 PDF
WARenton Technical College$7,136 PDF
WASaint Martin's University$47,534 $23,192 2126PDF
WASeattle Central College$7,489 PDF
WASeattle Pacific University$51,552 $22,131 2328PDF
WASeattle University$56,481 $19,407 2529PDF
WASkagit Valley College$18,000 $5,494 PDF
WASouth Seattle College$6,295 PDF
WAThe Evergreen State College$22,348 $7,569 2026PDF
WATrinity Lutheran College$40,800 $22,647 PDF
WAUniversity of Puget Sound$59,756 $18,212 PDF
WAUniversity of Washington-Bothell Campus$27,586 $13,557 1925PDF
WAUniversity of Washington-Seattle Campus$27,034 $14,036 2631PDF
WAUniversity of Washington-Tacoma Campus$27,733 $12,470 1622PDF
WAWalla Walla University$37,602 $12,203 2027PDF
WAWashington State University$27,825 $9,615 2026PDF
WAWestern Washington University$23,236 $7,020 2227PDF
WAWhitman College$59,902 $21,334 2732PDF
WAWhitworth University$52,468 $22,601 PDF
WAYakima Valley Community College$16,035 $5,954 PDF
WIAlverno College$37,029 $17,847 1622PDF
WIBellin College$2,042 2225PDF
WIBeloit College$55,240 $25,055 PDF
WICardinal Stritch University$40,932 $19,004 2024PDF
WICarroll University$42,657 $16,841 2126PDF
WICarthage College$52,535 $21,818 2228PDF
WICollege of Menominee Nation$9,733 PDF
WIConcordia University-Wisconsin$41,320 $15,445 2026PDF
WIEdgewood College$39,646 $14,708 2025PDF
WILakeland College$37,860 $16,109 1622PDF
WILawrence University$55,275 $27,144 PDF
WIMadison Area Technical College$4,365 PDF
WIMaranatha Baptist University$25,602 $5,997 PDF
WIMarian University$38,180 $15,332 1723PDF
WIMarquette University$51,726 $16,283 2430PDF
WIMilwaukee Institute of Art & Design$44,900 $18,545 PDF
WIMilwaukee School of Engineering$48,650 $23,383 2530PDF
WIMount Mary University$41,520 $20,327 1721PDF
WINorthland College$44,553 $23,440 2128PDF
WIRipon College$45,942 $24,776 2127PDF
WISaint Norbert College$45,081 $19,435 2227PDF
WISilver Lake College of the Holy Family$39,256 $16,552 PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau Claire$19,694 $3,516 2226PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-Green Bay$19,120 $4,582 2125PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-La Crosse$17,970 $2,909 2326PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison$24,673 $5,999 2731PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee$23,565 $6,576 2025PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-Oshkosh$18,703 $3,904 2024PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-Parkside$19,577 $5,434 1823PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-Platteville$18,614 $2,804 2126PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-River Falls$19,471 $2,990 2025PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-Stevens Point$17,600 $3,629 2025PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout$19,293 $3,634 2024PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-Superior$19,166 $4,526 1923PDF
WIUniversity of Wisconsin-Whitewater$18,319 $4,054 2025PDF
WIViterbo University$36,810 $15,999 2126PDF
WIWisconsin Lutheran College$39,136 $17,318 2127PDF
WVAlderson Broaddus University$36,511 $15,755 1923PDF
WVAppalachian Bible College$25,180 $8,722 1923PDF
WVBethany College$40,100 $20,718 1722PDF
WVBluefield State College$6,617 1722PDF
WVConcord University$19,156 $5,735 1924PDF
WVDavis & Elkins College$40,755 $17,816 1722PDF
WVFairmont State University$19,036 $6,459 1823PDF
WVGlenville State College$21,994 $8,511 1722PDF
WVMarshall University$20,094 $8,790 2025PDF
WVOhio Valley University$30,060 $11,936 PDF
WVPotomac State College of West Virginia University$15,640 $5,124 PDF
WVShepherd University$20,387 $6,523 1924PDF
WVUniversity of Charleston$39,700 $15,540 1924PDF
WVWest Liberty University$21,407 $6,219 1824PDF
WVWest Virginia State University$21,284 $7,732 1722PDF
WVWest Virginia University$20,804 $7,972 2127PDF
WVWest Virginia University at Parkersburg$2,459 PDF
WVWest Virginia University Institute of Technology$18,984 $8,841 1824PDF
WVWest Virginia Wesleyan College$42,923 $22,960 2025PDF
WVWheeling Jesuit University$38,200 $18,965 2025PDF
WYCollegeAmerica-Cheyenne$5,806 PDF
WYUniversity of Wyoming$19,169 $7,029 2227PDF