Description of Scholarship

The Hagan Scholarship provides up to $7,500 each semester for up to 8 consecutive semesters, workshops to learn important life skills not typically covered in the college curriculum, funds to purchase college essentials, an HSF Schwab Brokerage Account to manage in order to learn how to invest, funds to study and travel abroad, and the opportunity to apply for a Hagan Graduate Scholarship good for up to four additional semesters in college.

  1. The disbursement amount will be determined each semester by HSF by taking the Total Cost of Attendance including tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies, personal and transportation costs; then, deducting the total dollar amount of ALL scholarships, awards, grants, waivers, institution provided work-study, and one-half of the recipient’s FAFSA SAI. The SAI does not have to be paid; it is used only to determine the disbursement amount.
  2. The disbursement amount will be adjusted each semester to offset the expiration or loss of other scholarships, awards, grants, waivers, institution provided work-study, and changes in the recipient’s SAI.
  3. The Hagan Scholarship is renewable for up to seven additional consecutive semesters if the recipient fulfills the scholarship criteria and mandatory workshop responsibilities. Funding of the Hagan Scholarship will cease upon graduation from college or after earning 140 credit hours, whichever first occurs. In such event, recipients will continue managing their HSF Schwab Account and fulfill all other scholarship criteria until their Award Year Class graduates college. To receive funding after graduation or after earning 140 credit hours, recipients must apply for and be awarded a Hagan Graduate Scholarship.
  4. First year recipients will receive $2,000 after being awarded a Hagan Scholarship in order to purchase essential items for college not covered by the scholarship; items such as a computer, printer, cell phone, clothing, school supplies, and bedding.
  5. Second year recipients will open a Personal Schwab Brokerage Account. After the account is opened HSF will deposit $100 in the account and provide each recipient with an HSF Schwab Brokerage Account to manage until graduation. HSF funds managed by each recipient will be $10,000 the second year, $15,000 the third year, and $20,000 the fourth year.
  6. Third year recipients who have achieved a 3.50 CGPA are eligible for an all-expense paid study and travel abroad experience worth up to $8,000. Or the funds can be used to study abroad the second semester of the third year in college.
  7. Recipients who will graduate college while in the Hagan Scholarship Program can apply for a Hagan Graduate Scholarship the semester prior to graduation, good for up to four additional consecutive semesters to attend graduate school or a professional school receiving up to $7,500 each semester. Recipients must enroll in college as a full-time graduate student no later than the fall semester following the Award of a Hagan Graduate Scholarship.
  8. Recipients must work 240 hours from January 1 each year until commencement of the fall semester in college. Work can be full-time employment during the summer, part-time work, or a combination of the two. Employment must be regularly scheduled work performed under supervision for compensation.
  9. There is no application fee or processing fee.

Recipients of a scholarship will be selected on an objective and non-discriminatory basis, regardless of applicant’s race, creed, color, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or sex.

Decisions made by HSF are final and not subject to appeal. Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.