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Hagan Scholarship Application

Hagan Scholarship Application

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The Hagan Scholarship Application can be completed Online then printed out. Or, the Application can be printed out and then completed.


Hagan Scholarship Handout Information

1. Letter to Eligible Students

2. Hagan Scholarship Brochure


FAFSA Instructions

The FAFSA can be completed ANYTIME. Each applicant must fully complete the FAFSA in 2014 using 2013 tax return information and must provide a complete copy of their Student Aid Report (SAR) with the Application. The SAR must show the applicant's Expected Family Contribution (EFC). To be eligible for a Hagan Scholarship the EFC must be LESS than $7,500.

When completing the FAFSA for Question 26 answer "High School Diploma / have received or will receive a high school diploma before enrollment in college". For Question 29 answer "Never Attended College / 1st year undergraduate."

The SAR report is usually available 3 to 5 business days after submission if filed electronically or 7 to 10 days if mailed. To learn more about FAFSA and how to obtain your SAR, go to